Should hunting animals be completely illegal for fur trade purposes

Should hunting animals be completely illegal for fur trade purposes and fun. I reposted the title because it wouldn’t fit the whole thing and heres the question.

I read hunting is legal Texas, and you dont have to eat the meat. In California its legal, if a person sees a lion or any wild cat, its legal to shoot on site., shows that nearly all 50 states in american legalize this practice. In the Middle East the governments collect a cat species called, Sand Cats, a little smaller than average house cats, and uses them for military target practice. To exclude the idea of this practice taking place is just ignorant, and obviously an uninformed person would reply with hostility. there are other forms of cruellty aswell, but that will be found on peoples own time.

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phrannie, I know what you mean about peta. but the truth is that the vast majority of the dogs they euthanized needed to be. most adoptable dogs end up at a shelter or with a rescue group. many of the dogs peta receives are in a “last stop” position, unadoptable due to bad behavior (a result of their owners), sickness, injury, etc. many are the result of being rescued from puppymills and dog fighting rings and are in no condition to be adopted. there isn’t enough money to bring them back to health. spay/neuter laws that are enforced would help stop this. I hate that any animal must be euthanized, my city shelter alone kills over 14,000 per year, but I know that at this stage, all can’t be saved. the cute, young, well-behaved ones are adopted. the older, sick, injured, aggressive ones aren’t. peta does have a major agenda, but they (and the spca) have done more than any animal group to help change the euthanasia procedures, animal rights and to educate the public regarding animal issues. I know your love and respect for animals. you and editor are two of my favorites on this subject. I am not trying to argue, just presenting another side. and you are right, fur farming is not the same as hunting. I don’t eat meat so I don’t see the need for meat consumption. we, as humans, are healthier without it. but I do believe the point is valid that many animals that are killed by hunters do not die a quick, humane death. I also do not believe that the majority of hunters are hunting for consumption to put food on the table. I believe that sport is a large part of the picture.

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Hunting should be illegal period. We don’t live on the frontier. We don’t have to hunt for food. We have things called grocery stores.

The fur trade is horrible.

Answer #3

It’s really wrong! And since when can you clasify or justify killing as a sport? I do not agree w/ our country! I have been signing pettitions left and right trying to help save the animals! The people that pass these laws SUK!

Answer #4

Sport hunting should be banned. Hunting for individual consumption is okay as long as all usable parts are utilized.

Hunting as a commercial enterprise should not be permitted.

Answer #5

Ya’all might be changing your minds once food at the grocery store gets so high, you’ll wish you could put venison or elk on your table…

Hunting, as long as people eat what they kill is totally legit in my book…”fur farming” is NOT the same as “hunting”…Not to mention, PETA doesn’t show anything they don’t have an agenda for…they lost all credibility with me, when they killed all the dogs they were supposed to be saving a few years ago…People who’s thought is “the MEANS justifies the END”…lack the very morality they’re trying to instill.

A Montana girl!


Answer #6

im glad I dont live in america. I think its wrong, and disgusting as well as killing animals for sport, and all the other horrible things people do with them id say its only fair if they use every single part of the animal… for good reasonthough…mainly for food and its onlyy 100% fair if they go out and kill the animal bare handed. but killing for sport and trade ect I dont think will ever be stopped completely because a lot of people are greedy bastards the best we can do is ban such practices and do out best to make sure we stop majority of the people doing it

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yes, I believe hunting is wrong. I do not eat meat and I do not wear fur or leather. I do not see the need nor do I have the desire. there is cruelty in hunting. most hunters are not capable of clean shots (instant death) and the animals suffer until they either bleed to death or are found and shot again. why wear fur or leather? there is no valid reason. there are many other fabrics available that cause no suffering during production.

Answer #8

true, editor. and when people purchase coats, boots, anything with a fur trim…it is most likely from trapped animals where they can’t use the entire pelt because it was ruined by the steel trap. jaws crushing the bonesand tendons of a leg sometime the animal is in such pain it will chew off its own leg to escape. on the “fur farms” they also electrocute by putting a probe into their rectum…just to save the pelt…

the rocker, ted nugent, has videos out on his bow-hunting technique. it shows him making quick, one-shot kills and talks about the honor of hunting. peta has the outtakes showing what really happened before the video was edited. animals dragging themselves into the brush with multiple arrow wounds to die horrible deaths.

Answer #9

Yup it definitely should be illegal and punishable. There’s a PETA video that examines these ‘fur farms’ where animals are bred and raised JUST for their fur. They are kept in boxes with little room until they are big enough for their fur to be worthy. Then they are killed in horrible ways, such as breaking the neck or injecting them with rat poison, so their fur doesn’t become bloody. It made me feel sick.

Answer #10

People that think this is okay are SICK! I will nver buy furlined anything again! I thought it was fake synthetic fur?

Answer #11

Hell yes it should. That’s disgusting

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