The teacher's of today

There is too much emphasis
we put on our color we need
to get down to basics and culture

Our children ask questions when
they just don't know, the answers
we give, they'll use as they grow.

It is a natural attentiveness for
children to notice the differences of
the people who are living amongst us

Thee eyes on that man! can he see
out of them? a friend's child once asked
of me, the man knelt down as
he turned around and said,
" That is cause I am Korean".

While watching T.V my daughter noticed
thee difference between her and a man,
she said, "Why is he darker than me?"
I just told her he was born with a tan.

And it was at this time we were standing
in line, amongst the few whites in
the market, when a little black girl took
notice in her and asked,
" Why is her hair so different?"

Curious children with innocent minds
both go hand and hand,
but if WE as their teacher's stop
pointing our fingers the future
generation would get along
just fine.

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