what does it mean when my english teacher tells my mom that my writing is so good and all that?

to the point where i’m ready to write books and ready for uni?? does that mean she’s expecting me to write or go into writing for example? cuz i’m not into that… i just love writing as a hobby? like reading? like drawing? sports? and why the HELL is she convincing mom that i should keep improving??? i dont’ wanna be an auther, i don’t care HOW special or “unique” my writing is or could be… i mean.. i could write on the side, but never a main thing u know? how can i convince mom that i’m not “meant” to be that!! :@ she now buys me so many books, and i don’t even have TIME to read them :s and they’re all books that i find so boring, i HAVE to read them and write a report about them, and we have to discuss them and stuff… and this whole journal thing -.- a journal for school and a journal at home… i’m sick of this i’m starting to HATE writing and reading.. i’m just… TURNED OFF?? she won’t stop even though i made it clear that i’m just not into that! :”( i love reading i don’t think i wanna give up on that just cuz mom’s forcing me to read all these creepy books :s

Answer #1

Well, I’m assuming your writing style at school far differs from your writing style here, because, with your poor grammar and spelling errors, I don’t see the connection. However, she is obviously saying she thinks you write well and that you should try and continue improving upon it. She’s not saying you have to do so as a career - what you do with your life is up to you.

Answer #2

same thing happend to me. the teacher never picked on me to answer questions. i asked my brother why and he told me its because the teacher knew i had the answer. the teacher doesn’t think i should even be in that class filled with those peoples. but i like my teacher so i stay

Answer #3

Really the teachers at my school avoided me cause they knew i was a smartass that had all the answers

Answer #4

Might as well go for it? It could do you some good in the near future since exceeding in a particular class can be shown on your report card. Then again, if that’s not what works for you, then you can always tell her that enough is enough. Not to your mom but to the teacher. If this is an advanced course, then it’s optional, you can always say no to it.

Answer #5

You are a good writer :] hahaha, duhh. Maybe they want you to do some contest or something. maybe it is saying you shouldnt be shy about your writing. You can all ways ask :]

Answer #6

When it comes to language and writing, you need it in practically every profession. Being encouraged to write better doesn’t mean you have to be an author. Good writing stems from critical thinking, and that’s most definitely a necessity, regardless of your occupation.

Answer #7

I do not agree with your answer my self You do not have to be good at spelling nor even grammar to be good at writting. That is why people have editors after all.

Read “Write to Learn” By Donald M Murray

Answer #8

Actually, you do have to have a general grasp of writing and grammar - editors only do so much. If you write like crap, no publisher is going to want you. You can disagree with me all you want…how many books have you published?

Answer #9

I’m very sorry “Colleen”, but I don’t think you’re right either, because obviously i do not use these shortcuts you call “poor grammer and spelling errors” in school, I know people who use them, and the teacher almost killed them! So, please, give me a BREAK!! Maybe if you were a teacher yourself it’d be your excuse … or maybe not, because (i’m sorry to say this) but obviously you’re too “plugged out”. Though thank you for your answer anyways.

Answer #10

which they shouldn’t be doing. it’s stressing me out! i mean, why can’t they just stop when i tell them to?

Answer #11

not when my mom’s shoving it down my throat :”s

Answer #12

being good at it doesn’t mean you HAVE to be an author! EXACTLY! so how exactly do i stop mom from forcing me into it, when i have told her so many times to just stop trying?

Answer #13

good idea :P i’ll ask the teacher to stop telling mom about my writing or else i’ll stop writing in my journals… hopefully it’ll work -.-

Answer #14

good idea :P i’ll ask the teacher to stop telling mom about my writing or else i’ll stop writing in my journals… hopefully it’ll work -.-

Answer #15

I agree with Colleen’s answer. There was nothing wrong with what she said, it’s the truth. She knows what she is talking about, she writes novels, and articles…and she is very good.

Answer #16

Why does everyone here put my name in quotes? Am I so undeniably Godly that I deserve to be placed on a whole new level? @imme - All I have to go on is your writing skills that you’ve shown us here, hence my answer - it stands, whether you agree with it or not. You don’t know what my qualifications are, so all you can do is assume that I have no idea what I’m talking about - you’d be wrong, for the record….and btw…”plugged out”? Seriously?

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