The Ouija Board, does it allow spirits in your home?

Me & My friends play it every once in awhile and had some pretty creepy things happen, before we play we do pray and I set up a alter of holy candles and my rosery along with a bible.

I’ve heard it alow’s evil spirits into your home ; is that true? After playing it over the summer I had a dream that the devil was in my home and I awoke to something hitting my wall from the other room. [ Just like in those scary movie’s I was the stupid one to get up and check it out ] to my surprise my soccer ball was laying on the floor across the room! Not where it usually was… but anyways weird things have been happening and my cat’s been acting real funny lately! She looks abit possest, its very weird!

Is it true that there could be demons or even the devil in my home?

My mom told me to burn the board but I watched a show ‘’ Hauntings’’ or something like that and they say if you burn it your opening the door to hell :/ Yikes SO… I just keep the board in my dresser! It’s kinda creepy because its in my bottom dresser and my cat will just sit right infront of it facing it…Ehh Ok let me know I’m getting weirded out now…

Answer #1

I believe it’s a portal/a door whereby you can be influenced in a negative life direction - I would steer clear…Take care !!

Answer #2

They are fake. There has been research done to prove that when you get a group of people(as is needed in the Ouija board) that it creates a certain mood,mindset, and expectations. People will actually move the piece, without realizing they are because of the mindset and expectations. The easiest way to describe it is the brain wants to believe it, so it confuses you into not realizing that you’re moving the little piece. Why would you believe in anything that milton bradley makes,lol.

If you really want to test it though, have everyone be blindfolded, then have an impartial, unbiased friend rotate the board to such a way no one knows what direction it’s facing.

every time this has been tested(the people don’t know the board has been rotated in the tests) they move the piece to where they think the yes, no, and letters are.

Penn and Teller: Bullsh*t (the show) debunked the Ouija board in one of their episodes. I strongly reccomend watching that show,it’s great

Answer #3

im sorry. but I have had experience the board told me my next g/f 8 years ago. it said I would date a girl named Klaudia. 2 years later I met a girl in my world history class named claudia. we have been dating for 5 years now

Answer #4

so the question still remains. do you believe what is being said or do you not? its your imagination. so they say. or do you take in what is being said and enterprit what is being said. believe it, or dont. be warry though thinking its just a piece of card board. for those that do say it is just a piece of card board. they dont use the board every day. and. you can do all the religious with the holy bible and the candles and the nice rosery added to it… some spirits will just smile at you. one thing you should do is use it and see if the board goes side to side. prior to asking it to go away. if it goes side to side then it is very angry at what you said and the there is a spirit in your house

Answer #5

im sorry. but I have had experience the board told me my next g/f 8 years ago. it said I would date a girl named Klaudia. 2 years later I met a girl in my world history class named claudia. we have been dating for 5 years now. also. to the person who said that flipping the board backwards and blind folding everyone. we did that to the people who were on the planchette. and it told my brother and his wife when they were going to have their next baby. june 15, 2005. when june 15 2005 came. the baby was born.

Answer #6

its not really safe to use you never know what kind of spirits your talking to weather there good, bad, or after revenge so yes, it can

Answer #7

My auntie said that when she and her friend were in uni, they played with a ouija board once, and one of her friends commited suicide, and my auntie blames the board. I’m not sure, but it can make your mind want to do some weird stuff sometimes. Anyway, if you’re christian, aren’t you not allowed to do stuff like that? Isn’t it considered blasphemy or some other junk like that?

Answer #8

It’s a game. Purely entertainment value.

Besides, there’s no such thing as bad spirits :)

Answer #9

Well, I’ve Been Witnessing The Same Thing For A Couple Of Years Because We Made Our Own (Paper, Letters, CD :p) And Like We Didn’t Bless The Circle, So I’ve Been Seening Hell Hounds Ever Since. Your Not Alone.

Answer #10

no whatever anyone tells you the ouija board doesnt call up the devil or demons or evil spirits, if you really are freaked out thou try a cleansing ritual in your room if nothing else it will dispell your fears from your mind xx

Answer #11

I own two, and they are such BS! a cardboard thing with letters is not capable of bringing ‘demons’ in I think your letting your imagination get the best of you they’re great fun, but you don’t need to worry:)

Answer #12

I don’t know, but I remember my English teacher telling me when I was 11 that him and his friends played a ouija board, and one of his friends was apparently possessed by some spirit they summonned and shes been traumatised ever since.

I’d steer clear of them if I were you, but thats just my opinion. I dunno. Some people would probably call me stupid for believing in ghosts, but ah well, I do ;)

Answer #13

hmmm well ghosts and other apparitions come from a persons mind… maybe your ball was left there by accident? or maybe the cat is sick?

I have tried ouija before but to tell you the truth nothing like this did happen… just so you know the ouija is said to make you communicate with ghosts and it doesnt call demons or the devil (the devil would be too powerful for the ouija) what you could do is get back on the ouija and ask the ghost what it wants… keep asking it to leave afterwards… im sure ull get an answer…

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