Thc clean?

What will clean thc out of you?

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Time. At least that is the only thing that Dr. Drew says will work, and he is a leading addiction specialist. And he pretty much tells it like it is.

Sorry, I wish there was a better answer for you.
There might be something that will give a false positive that you can take to mask the results - a scapegoat so to speak - but I do not know any for THC.

Mostly, you have to weigh the possibility of getting caught, with the seriousness of the punishment (e.g. will you lose a job, not be hired, go to jail, die? All can happen depending on the situation and the drug.) (I know you aren't going to die from THC.)

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Cranberry pills and vinegar mixed with water. Or they have some detox stuff the sell at drug stores.
Don't get caught!:)

How do you clean out your system of thc fast?

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