I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body

I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body so you think.Would a hot tub becouse it supplies heat and saunas and both of them make you sweat clean out thc out of youre system?

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Take Triple Strength Cranberry fruit pills 1680 mg*, it promotes urinary health with Niacin inositol heanicontinate 500 mg* pills. This will get rid of everything for urin test for any drug. Take up to 7 days if needed. You can be clean in 3 days. Don't take as perscribed by the bottles. Take many times every day and drink tea. Any tea will work, but green tea is the best. Why can't anyone just figure this out? It's all natural and your body will be clean for any test.

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I would just go with the Sauna. But take a water bottle with you if you are going to stay in more then 20 mins. Stay hydrated.


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