Will 6 penicillion pills clean thc from my body?

I took 6 penicillion pills over a period of 4 days my piss is clear everytime I use the bathroom. does it mean that THC is being cleaned from my body. and that I could pass a drug screen?

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what has penicillin got to do with THC? you're taking an antibiotic for no good reason, I suggest you stop... it wont help with your drug test...

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no thats not true. thc is stored in your fat cells. you need to burn the fat. you just put antibiotics into your body and now your kidneys are trying to correct it you need to see a doctor ASAP

Thc clean?

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watch the movie "harsh times." that's how you pass a drug test. just so you know...it's not worth it.

How do you clean out your system of thc fast?
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no you will fail. drink tons of water and work out a lot, that might help

I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body

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