Why are there so many teen pregnancies around the world?

I dont know if its just me but i am sick to death of seeing teen mums…espcuially SINGLE teen mums. Usually these kids come frm broken families or families that dont care or the result of lack of education in the XXX ed department.

I mean its not hard to take the pill or pill alternative and not hard at all to put on condom (for boys)

I am 22 and married and dont want kids yet maybe in another 4 yrs or so. My husband wears and condom and I am still on the pill its really not that hard.

Is it that “cool” to be a teen mum? I dont get it nor do I see a valid reason to keep the baby if the mum is a kid herself.

yet why is the idiocy still happening?

Answer #1

Lack of moral values in society.

Answer #2

I think a lot teens have this “invincible-it’s-going-to-happen-to-me” sort of mindset. As a result teens tend not to think much of the possible results of their actions whether it be when engaging in sexual activities or other things. Even on here, you hear tons about teens engaging in intercourse without contraceptives or condoms. Entirely stupid, and reckless. Of course, pregnancy can still occur even with contraceptives and condoms, majority of the times when a teenager is pregnant it is due to the lack or misuse of birth control. Personally, I don’t feel teens should be having sex, majority of teens are not mature enough to comprehend the possible outcomes of sex. I think the media plays a huge role in sex and pregnancy. Sex is cool, sex makes you cool, makes you fit in. Personally, yea I think it’s just teenagers not thinking before acting. As for sexual education, where I am teens are learning about sex in gr6, and having sex as young as gr8. By then, they have already learned about contraceptives and the human reproductive systems. Yet still, plenty who choose to engage in such activies so young disregard what they have learned. So in the end, I think it falls on the immaturity of the teenagers that are having sex.

Answer #3

*it’s not going to happen to me

Answer #4

Let me ask you this question if u dont mind sorry if it may offend but If a a girl (under the leagal age of being an adult in wt ever country) should they have the right to decided weither to keep the baby or not?

I think NO because 1 she is a kid herself and under my care. why do i have to be left with picking up the pecies and maybe having an A.bortion will teach her to not to be so careless as I am sure u know if u have an a.bortion to many times u cannot or is hightens the risk of not being able to have kids when u really want them

Answer #5

I have sex 1st time when i was 16 but now adays i think its more outta curiosity than “like” or “love” but I would teach my kids ok have sex (cuz if i say no they gonna do it anyway) but do it saftly and IF by chance something happenes never be affraid to come and tell me.

I was more mature than most kids as I had a sis with downsyndrome even though she was older than me I had to look after her.

Maybe that is why i think differently

Answer #6

Yea, I agree. Most teens do do it out of curiosity, but ignore the possible consequences. I think it really does depend on the maturity of the person, I think it’s fine to be curious. We’re curious creatures, but to ignore the outcomes and go about everything recklessly, well, that’s simply idiotic. For me, I had always though differently, I’ve been telling myself since I was younger that any “urges” I might have was pure hormones, and not to act upon it. Of course, I have my own personal moral tied into that decision.

Answer #7

There are different reasons for everyone. Some girls want to get pregnant just because they want someone to love them back that they can’t lose. They want the attention. They think it will keep their boyfriend around and maybe promise marriage. One teen could have gotten married at 17 and started her family young. Another could have been using protection while having intercourse with her boyfriend when the protection failed. Some teens aren’t educated enough. Some think it is easier to “risk it” than go through an awkward trip to the store to buy condoms or talk with their parents. Others could have been rap.ed walking home from the library. You never know. I think the most common reason is that teens just get caught in the moment and forget to use protection. I watch 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, and that’s usually the case for most of them. Hormones are very high, and teens usually tend to listen to those hormones, ignoring the consequences.

Answer #8

Here in the UK,in the scummiest of places some girls get pregnant because it gets them a free apartment,bills paid and they dont have to work for 10 or so years(they normaly just find another guy to play dad with for a while and pop out a few more kids)…it beats working and having to live with your parents…I thought this was just talk but i have met a few girls that admit they wanted to get pregnant because its there only chance of having there own place and you dont have to get up for work eveyday and actualy make an effort.

Answer #9

It’s the parents too that need to be open with their kids and to have that kind of relationship where the kids are comfortable with asking questions. My parents and I are very open about sex and I knew exactly how to protect myself when I decided to start having sex…

Answer #10

That’s horrible, I hate when people take advantage of things like that.

Answer #11

These days, young people concerned about sex. Promotion of free love, captivated the media and the topic of contraception occupies much smaller part.

Answer #12

Teen pregnancy rate has actually been declining since the 1950’s NOT increasing the only reason why it seems like MORE teens are even getting pregnant is because of shows like teen mom making it MORE out there then the whole hush hush our teen daughter went on “vacation”. In all honesty it is none of anyone’s business on why they had a child as a kid or whether they decide to keep it or not. I do have friends who were teen moms and they are 10x better than A LOT of mothers I know who waited until age of 20’s or 30’s. Biologically a woman’s body is at its prime to give birth around age 16 and ending in mid 30’s. So why is teen pregnancy so wrong if that is how our body is designed? And that whole b.s. of they usually come from a broken family is a horrible stereotype that should throw your arguments out the window. That’s like saying everyone on welfare is either black or Hispanic and has lots of kids…Its NOT true. In any case the answer to your question is teen pregnancy is declining you don’t like the rate at which the decline is going then speak up and say you want s.e.x education BACK in the school systems and to maybe even start it at age 6. I mean look at Europe they start s.e.x education in preschool and their teen pregnancy rate is dramatically lower than that of good old America. They are also open about s.e.x we mention it around here and people are like Oh my god there are little kids around here….so look at your country cause they are to blame.

Answer #13

I think some of the issue is s.e.x. is very taboo. Its not talked about. Parents throw a fit about s.e.x. ed classes, but do a piss poor job of educating their children at home on the subject. It glamorized but at the same time your not supposed to do it. Similar to alco.hol, dr.ugs, and cigarettes.
I think if there was more of an understanding open culture about s.e.x. there would be less of it. There wouldn’t be a much of a temptation to do it just because your not supposed to.

That’s one area my parents did very well in. I could talk to them about ANYTHING. S.e.x., alco.hol, dr.ugs, etc where some mysterious taboo thing I could never speak of. I wasn’t tempted by them because I was informed.

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