What is a Teddy Bear dog?

Does anybody know the real or “correct” name fo a Teddybear Dog?

Answer #1

dirty paws is the breeder in wisconsin. my sister got a dog from there. its around 1000 dollars.

look up dirty paws.com. also, a true teddy bear is a bichon, poodle, and shih tzu. thats the cutest dog ever

Answer #2

a chow chow(I have one)

Answer #3

Look at the photo of me dog! His name is Teddy, I thought he looked like a teddybear and so thats why I named him so. Maybe he’s a teddy bear dog!

Answer #4


Answer #5

to answer the question from a lot earlier a teddy bear dog usually gets up to about 15 pounds depending on the dog’s parents

Answer #6

Shichon is the proper name. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/shichon.htm

Answer #7


I’m interning at the Humane Society, so this is what I know from that and my interest in dogs:

Teddy Bear dog is a mix of: Shih Tzu & Bichon Frise. It’s a type of “designer dog”, where basically a mutt is given a new name and sold for a very high price. There’s one specific breeder in Wisconsin who has bred a lot of these dogs, made up the name, and is trying to copyright the breed. Silly, in my eyes, but they are cute :)

Hope that helps :)

Answer #8

It is a Shih tzu and a Bichon Frise mix. They are a great combination.

Answer #9

Check puppyfind.com under “mixed” breed. I bought an adorable teddy bear (shichon) for only $475. including shipping. Kathy

Answer #10

My friend has a teddy :)

Answer #11

Listen here they are all crazy! A “Teddy Bear Dog” is a nickname for a lot of diff. dog breeds One of them is the (spelled wrong) Pomeramian

Answer #12

these are a MUTT! They are not a new breed! Just because you put two dogs together and give the offpsring some cutesy name does not make it a true “breed”.

Mixed breed dogs are that.. a mix of 2 or more different breeds of dog! It takes many generations of selective breeding to create a purebred dog.

So, the proper name is mutt, mixed breed, or mongrel.

Answer #13

Let me answer to all you amatuers, I have a 100% true Teddy Bear Puppy, from a breeder in Wisconsin, and by all means they are not considered a mutt. A Teddy Bear Pup is a from a bichon father and a shih-tzu mother. So if you hear people saying they are only designer puppies they are truly correct for they are the newest and cutest breed any child would want. They are very well beahaved, easy to train, non shed, non allergenic. Now who would not want a puppy with all these qualities??

Answer #14

Hello; We are looking for a small family fun dog, that goes with our life style relaxed and a little busy. we have 5 kids does this type of dog have a lot of health issues etc. ? Give me every thing any 1 knows about this type of dog? Is there a book how to take care of this type of dog? lots of questions to help me deside if this is the right type of dog for our family. thank you. Lisa

Answer #15

Hi - I just bought a Teddy Bear in December from a place outside of Detroit. I probably shouldn’t have. She was $750.00 and came home with two parasites. But she’s doing well now. I was told a Teddy Bear was Bichon/Shih Tzu (her mother) and her father was a poodle.

Answer #16

I’ve read that the name is Shichon AND Zuchon, and that after a few more generations (I think it has to be 15) the AKC will be classifying this as a breed and will be calling it Zuchon. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but that is what I’ve read online because I’ve been researching getting one for myself. A breeder that I talked to the other day, who has been breeding this type of dog for over 25 years, has said that it has always been called a Teddy, and that newer breeders are making up names and trying to pass them off as new, trendy hybrid dogs… Yes, like everyone else said, it is a shih-tzu and bichon cross. They are awesome, even if they are mutts, as people keep saying. They are supposed to be quite a wonderful combination of characteristics from each breed =)

Answer #17

I have a teddy bear puppy..I totally lucked out and the bredder gave her to me for 150.00.she was the last one and they needed a home for her quickly..her father is a bichon and her mother is a shih tzu…she is the cutest little thing…she is well behaved..loves to play and he generally pretty calm…she is such a fun dog to have and has the cutest personality…I have had many dogs over the years and she is by far the best one yet. People actually stop me when iam walking her and tell me how cute she is and how much she looks like a little teddy bear! LOL…she is only 5 months and weighs about 6 pound…I was just wondering if anyone might have an idea of how big she will get?

Answer #18

They are the perfect dog! Small, non-shedding,best temperments,smart and look like little teddy bears! I found a breeder in Indiana. Their website is http://www.lil-sensations-teddybears.com

Answer #19

A teddybear is a shih tzu/bichon mix and they are awesome dogs!!! Ours has the most wonderful temperament-great with kids, playful and easy to train. They also have a great coat that doesn’t shed and comes in many different colors-just like a shih tzu. There is an awesome breeder in Minnesota that raises teddybear puppies. What I really like about her is that she only has 3 females and one male, so these dogs are her pets and are spoiled like crazy, as are the puppies. She is also way more reasonable than many breeders. I don’t know if she has a website, but you can find her ads on www.kijiji.com and pictures of available puppies at www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzybearpuppies Good luck

Answer #20

you people are crazy!!! haha just kidding but seriously you could find the same exact MIX of dog at a shelter for free and save a life at the same time. The only people who should have to pay that kind of money for a dog are show people that have high quality breeding and show dogs 1000 dollars is a crap load for a mixed breed dog. the ‘designer dog’ breeders are just out for money, dont support them please support pure bred dog breeders who spend years planning out a breeding so there arent any genetic defects or problems and the dog, even if it is a pet is the healthyest it can be. ‘designer dog’ breeders dont spend a week planning it. they usually have more than 1 litter at one time whereas responsible breeders have one every few years. responsible breeders take into account that if not all puppies are sold they will under NO cicumstances put them down, they take responsiblity and keep the puppies. cmon please dont support these mixed breed dog “breeders” (I have nothing against mixed breeds they make amazing pets and are usually very cute but breeding them for no purpose besides to sell them just contributes to the millions of shelter dogs being killed every year) thanks

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