Do you think that teaching yourself is a good and effective way to go?

I’m a person who always loves to learn new things. My interests branch out from topics such as psychology, then go way out to areas such as photography and journalism. When I go to learn things I’m extremely motivated and interested, but seriously speaking, I know that I could never afford the tuition to learn everything I’m interested in. So I’ve started purchasing used books from Amazon (which are in great condition), and I’ve started my learning adventures.

I was just wondering if you guys think that it’s a good idea? Have any of you done it? And if you have, how effective was it for you?

Answer #1

Why not? If you’re a good enough teacher to teach the student (you)….then you might be able to actually challenge college courses, and not have to pay for say, a 101 class, when you’re knowledgable enough to enter into a 201 class….


Answer #2

I think it is an excellent idea. I am a firm believer in teaching yourself things. It pays of better than hearing it from someone else in the long term.

However, good advice from someone more experienced never hurt anyone.

Answer #3

I guess it all depends on how well you really are at reading & understanding to a level where you can teach yourself stuff!

When I got into cosmetology classes for doing nails, my teacher wasnt as efficient because she kept on being called to the other section of the school where they did hair…she would sit with us for like 10 -15 mins…then have to go…so when we had a question we had to wait…but after 3 hours the second class came & we had to leave…so I was really getting frustrated…I would write down what she said in the first 15 mins before she would have to leave & just sat there while she was doing god knows what in the hair section…and then when it was time to leave I just went home & practiced over & over again alone. I really hated it…but had to show my face to learn the new ways…in all honesty when I would come back from over the weekend…I would show her my work & she would be stunned not believing I did it myself! I would do research…find a message board or site where they had info on nails & just read & try them out. I got so good my teacher would call me her best student…funny thing is in the school I couldnt even do one nail right! the classroom was small the chairs were uncomfortable the students were b!tching all day about stupid stories that had no interest to me or would be on a cell phone talking to someone and it just didnt make me feel like \i was in a professional place…mostly because where the f*ck was the damn teacher?! She was n where to be found, doing laundry…helping hair students because the hair teachers werent there…so someone had to help out & just left the nail students there on their own!

I taught myself how to do things my teacher wouldnt teach us…I taught myself how to use a drill when it was supposed to be taught in class but with only 1 machine it was impossible…she showed me on it once…for 5 mins & then was called again! I learned how to also do nail art by myself from the sights & books I bought about assorted nail art…I did only freehand then got some kits & started doing more nail art designs using tattoos & stickers decals and how to drill a nail ring!

There is no limit…astrology is also something I taught myself ever since I was a kid…bought the paper backs for 5.99 and always read them til i was blue in the face…year after year…it sunk in…same with books about dreams…if you can understand what it is you read rather then just read it like a newspaper then it will sink in…but you also have to want it to sink in!

hope that helped!

Answer #4

It depends on what you’re learning. There are certain things that need someone giving you feedback and making sure you’re doing it right, but most things you can learn on your own. I dont see the point in going to class most of the time. My style of learning is through reading. I can sit through an entire class, pay attention to the whole class, and still not remember what we did a day later. It’s a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. I think it depends on how you learn. But reading is always great. I think most of the time you’re not actually paying for the learning but for the piece of paper that says you did the learning and a school is backing that up.

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Answer #6

yes,i have done it,though i am very young and i know your studies are way difficult than mine,but teaching yourself is the best way to study.taking tutions is like you depend on somebody to come and then they teach you.but if you have any problem then you should consult sister was same,she always used to study on her own,i used to watch her when she studied. her name was divya,so she always studies like.. ‘’see divya..this into this …….ok divya?’’ what i mean is like she used to teach herself and that was the best thing.

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