What would you do if your teacher handed you a compass and told you not to cut yourself?

My friend cuts himself (But he’s trying to stop). So me and him were in maths, the teacher handed him a compass and said “Just don’t cut yourself and get blood on the table” What would you do? That cannot be allowed!

Answer #1

Why can’t it? It was a general warning…I don’t think the teacher was aware the kid is a cutter, and if he is aware, then he was telling him not to cut himself….I don’t really see what the issue is here?

Answer #2

I don’t see the problem, either. Even if the teacher knew, it’s not like she encouraged the behavior. She was just telling him to be careful. Compasses are sharp! I’ve poked myself a couple of times with those darn things

Answer #3

He was aware, I just don’t see how singling him out like that is fair. I could understand if it was a real warning but It wasn’t.

Answer #4

Anyway it was more of a sarcastic joke then a request.

Answer #5

It sounds like the teacher was sort of making fun of him =\ That is sort of rude…but has that teacher done something like that before? If your friends not upset about it then it’s not that big a deal, but I know I would be >.> If this is the first time the teachers done that she doesn’t deserve more than a dirty look, though. :P

Answer #6

It’s the first time and me and him were just a bit “What the f*ck” about it.

Answer #7

I don’t think there is anything you, or him can do about it besides let it go. There is no proof he/she meant it that way, he/she honestly could have been giving him a general warning. People take things the wrong way all the time. I’m not saying he/she didn’t mean it like that, I’m just saying you really can’t say whether he/she did or didn’t. The only way that anyone could do something about it is if he/she said something like “Don’t go cutting yourself like you always do, I don’t want blood everywhere…” That would have been more offensive, and kind of making fun of him for what he does…and calling him out.

Answer #8

Were wasn’t going to do anything anyway.

Answer #9

does the teacher know he is a cutter? If he doesnt than your teacher was just making a sh!tty joke at the expense of teen angst and or suspicion of what a “cutter” looks like. lame, but id imagine your teacher is kinda behind the times and trying to keep up by making other students laugh. you guys should bring in fake blood and pretend to cut yourself on the compass..

Answer #10

I would of stood up and starting bitching and going off. I can keep my cool for the most part, but in some situations I just lose it. Maybe the eay i’d handle it isnt the way it should be handled, but sh!t, that’s f*cked up. Go to your administrator and let them know.

Answer #11

If he didn’t know that he was a cutter, he might have just been giving a warning. We once had a girl in our class accidentally kneel on one, have it impale her knee; she was taken to the hospital. Like Moe said, those things are freaking sharp <_<

Answer #12

That’s judemental and discrimination against a sterotype. That’s just not right :/

If he does it again, kindly request that he not do it. It’s singling out someone because of their past and frankly, teacher’s shouldn’t do it.

Answer #13

Talk to the principle and tell her that you were offended by that statement. That was part rude of the teacher but it was also part looking out for him. But again you can talk to her, or the principle so meaby you get an apolegie.

Answer #14

i would stab him in the eye with it and go well you told me not to cut myself you didnt say anything about not hurting you :D


Answer #15

You’re right. Ignorance is not exactly pleasant. But my former supervisor, a PhD in psychology (for the past 55 years, yes she is 80), believed cutting was an attention seeking device and was not to be taken seriously. When you’ve got ignorant professionals (psychologists, counselors, doctors, nurses, social workers etc), where exactly do you think you’re going to get with teachers, who get little to no training in mental health? Cutting is something people either ignore, they get angry about and tend to get mean about, or they tend to overreact. People have been dumped in psych wards because of it. You’re not going to be able to do anything about this. Go to an administrator and your friend will be locked up faster than you can unfair. Oh, and I may not personally have done anything. But if it was a friend, I would have gotten them help. Whether they wanted it or not. And yes, this is coming from someone who’s been there. Cutting is not the problem. Even if your friend manages to stop, whatever the problem is will not just disappear.

Answer #16

kneeled* Sorry, had to fix it.

Answer #17

_< I would have told him off. That is so rude and ignorant!! And I beat he was being sarcastic!!! That is NOT funny and should not be tolerable,Thiers alot of kids and adults that have issuses with cutting. And it hard to stop it almost bad as smoking. I don’t think you should report it but you should tell that man that you didn’t appreciate that smart azz remark and he needs to apologize to you and that other boy as well.

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