Taking care of stray animals, but my mom won't let me, what do I d

I really really love animals. Whenever I see an animal thats in trouble or is starving, I bring it home to feed it. But usually, my mom says that we can’t even feed it! I’ll get lucky if she says that I can! A few days ago, I found two baby crows. One had a broken wing and the other didn’t look too good. So, I brought them in. My mother said we couldn’t care for them. She made me put them back outside and she said that they would be fine. In the middle of the night, there was a storm. The next morning, I went out looking for them, and I found them…they had drowned. They were both right where I put them. And then today, I went over a friends house. I soon discovered that he had 5 kittens. But they were in bad shape. They were starving, had fleas, and looked dehydrated! They did’nt even have a litter box! One looked up at me and managed a weak “meow”. It broke my heart. I insisted I take them to my house for food and water ( and a place to “do their thing” ). He agreed and we took them to my house. But my mother said that she did’nt even want to feed them. We have plenty of cat food ( cause we have 2 cats ) and I didn’t even want to keep them! I just wanted to feed them and get them in a good shape. But in the end, she won and the hungry kittens went back to his house un-fed. I was outraged!!

Answer #1

don’t listen to her. animals aren’t cared for in many places, if you see an animal that needs help HELP IT!! tell her it’s not permanent and if you have to buil a small cage outside. if she gives you trouble cause a scence. Even if she is your mom if you believe in it don’t let her control you and force you to stop!

Answer #2

Animal shlters are good too. Unfortunatly I don’t know any Shelters but im sure you could find some.

Answer #3

Perhaps you can take them to a humane society for animals, in Ny we have the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)and they would take care or homeless, abused and sick animals. They also find a home for them. It would be great if you do that because you’ll help these animals to find a forever loving home. I admire your passion to help animals but there’s so much you can do. Try to do some research so you can have a phone number ready in case this happens again. Once i found a baby Hawk hurt and I found a number that especialize on the care of wild birds, within an hour they came to my home and pick it up. Good luck.

Answer #4

That is a good thing. A very good you might go to heaven. Did your mom knows that you love animals sooo much? If she do, I’ll give you the advice later after you say yes or no.

Answer #5

it sounds to me that you love animals as much as me. i read the other suggestions and I agree with almost all of them. Your mom probably has her reasons for what she says and does. If I were you I would attempt to talk to her in a calm nice talk. you want to start of with saying, “there is something important to you that you wan to talk to her about and if she could please listen and try to understand”. Giver her an opportunity to talk and try to understand where she is coming from. Maybe both of you can come up with a solution. There is a possibility that this will go no ware. If that is the case its ok, there other options for you. When you find a sickly animal look in the phone book and call your local vet. If your mom is not supportive try calling from a friends house. You want to tell them the animals situation and answer all there questions. Most people that love animals are willing to go the extra mile to help them, like your self. If you can not bring the animal to them ask if they can come pick them up. You may even be able to ask your friends mom or dad to help you. Please let me know it this helps you? If you have further questions feel free to email me.

Answer #6

You sound like a really lovely person whose calling in life may ultimately well be working with animals. I’m passionate about animals too but thankfully it’s a family trait so we all felt the same about bringing home injured birds, hedgehogs or whatever.

I wonder if your mum would consider meeting you half way on this, and perhaps allowing you to have a small shed outside that you could set up as an ‘animal treatment unit’ ? (that’s if you have the space of course). Maybe someone might be touched enough by your story to donate a shed- or sponsor the purchase of one.

Volunteering is of course a good idea, but if there isn’t an animal organization located nearby, then why not start a little group of your own? You could always place an ad in your local newspaper or appeal on local radio for like-minded people in your district. Then if you do find an injured animal, even if you’re not allowed to take it in yourself- one of your contacts probably would.

As your membership grows you could then even set about holding a few charity events such as Car boot sales and prize draws in aid either your own work or other animal charities. If your group wants to become a recognized charity though, you will probably have to get yourselves properly registered to demonstrate your integrity and accountability etc. There should be plenty of advice on the web about how to do this.

Good luck.

Answer #7

You didn’t mention your age, but if you are old enough, I’d suggest volunteering at a local vet’s office. You’d be learning a lot, have a place to ask for advice, find out where different animals could be taken care of, etc. It could also help you decide if you will want to pursue this as a career & if you do, it will help you to have learned so much before you start the study courses.

Answer #8

hunnie dont even consider killing yourself over this, tell your mom how strongly you feel about this and ask her to at least help you in the future with some kind of animal shelter or vet or soemthing.. theres always another way.

Answer #9

I am sorry to hear that your mom doesn’t love animals as much as you do. Anyways, I think you have already enough at your home and you cannot open a ZOO there, you know… Still, I am sad to learn about the story with the 2 little crows. I am also sorry to tell you that you cannot help all the poor animals around the world and maybe not even all that you find. A solution will be to wait until you grow up and then you would be able to help them more. For now, take into account your mother’s viewpoint (and also mr_smedheader’s advice) and find an intermediary solution. E.g: don’t take them in your home, but instead build a little place outside for them, like a shelter, and feed them there. Although I think it is very good what you do, don’t help animals too much beacause it would be against the laws of nature - survival. I mean, take it easier and more rational, and don’t despair like that, if you want to help them! Good luck :)

Answer #10

Why don’t you just take the animals to a vet. You could even take them to the pound.

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