Should I still try to pass my exam if I'm failing the class?

should i still study for my english practice exam even though i am failing the class and i am more than likely going to fail the actual exam?

Answer #1

Yes. Its much better to atleast try and put forth effort than to just be lazy and give up all together.

Answer #2

You probably didn’t pay attention in class i’m guessing, I have the same problem with english. I never pay attention because the teacher is so annoying. Anyways, yes. Please try. Look through your notes and everything you have. Because if you don’t pass, you’re going to regret it. There will be problems with the shcool and your teacher and your parents and blaahhh you don’t want to get into that huge mess. So always try to succeed :)

Answer #3

Of course you should try :) You will fail almost definitely if you don’t study, but if you do study effectively then you may get great marks and pull your grade right up. Why not have a word with your teacher about your situation and let them know you are worried, so do they have any advice on how you could improve your marks? They may let you redo an assignment or something if you go and actually try to get help, or could let you in on some things that will make the exam easier for you, such as what areas are best for you to focus on when studying.

Go in with a positive attitude and as prepared as you can be and you have the potential to do really well and help yourself a lot towards your final grade.

Answer #4

yes. because you never no it could make a difference and it will help you get a job :)

Answer #5

Yes, you should. An exam is really important. Don’t just give up just because your failing. If you fail the exam trying, then at least you know you tried.

Answer #6

Yes because exams are a big part of a grade and may even bring your grade up to passing if you do well enough.

Answer #7

Yes because exams are a big part of a grade and may even bring your grade up to passing if you do well enough.

Answer #8

i do pay attention, im just crap at it ans dont underatand it

Answer #9

i have asked my teacher for help but it didnt make anything easier, i still dont get it

Answer #10

thing is i dont get english, i have tried my hardest when it comes to the NAB’s(they are like end of unit tests) but i still fail, even if i study morning, noon&night i know it wont make a difference to how i would do in the exam

Answer #11

Yes, I think you should always do the very best you can on everything in life.

Answer #12

I had a history teacher when I was in high school that I was failing his class horrible, and he new I did not care, he was lucky if he could get me to show up to his class. He made a deal with me that if I studied for his finally and made a 90 or up he would pass me for the year. Well I studied my butt off, and I passed his final with a 96, and he did pass me, and ask why I did not do this all the time. I think back then I did not care for school and the next year I dropped out of high school.

Funny thing is now I have been to college so much I am sick of it, but if you want to make it these days a BS seems to equal a high school diploma and everyone wants a MBA.

Answer #13

You have to try, else it will make your mental block even better. I know what your problem is and it is the same reason I can’t get distinctions for my degree. It’s called attitude, you hate it so much that you have been telling yourself you cannot do it. You need to work on telling yourself that it isn’t so bad, otherwise you’ll continue to struggle to pass. Also why are you studying that much? Your brain needs a rest, and you need to understand what you are doing, not doing it parrot fashion, which I am guessing you are doing as well.

Answer #14

Could you try getting a tutor to help you? Even an older member of your family who has studied the course as it is at the minute (a sibling or cousin?) who would be willing to sit down with you and work through everything. Go back to your teacher and tell them that you still do not understand and they can try a different method of helping. It may be that you just need to sit down with someone who does understand and they can literally do the work with you and explain the bits you do not get until you are strong enough at the subject to do it by yourself.

Answer #15

Yes you should, because if you pass the test you can pass the class, just try your hardest amd study hard and ask for help if needed.

Answer #16

Unless life gets in the way, then just F it. (-:

Answer #17

yea it would be smart because those to semester 1 and 2 averages sometimes depend on if your going to the next grade or not.

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