Would a d be failing or passing?

Hello I was wondering I received my final grade today for college and I'm at 60 which happens to be a d. so, I'm wondering, would that be failing or passing?

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well for my school. a D is passing and you do recieve the credit but if its a requirement than you need to recieve a C so you might have to retake it. thats what I have to do :/ so that sucks

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D is passing without recieving credit. . . Study harder goodgirl

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A D is failing, think about it, isnt a C considered average?
So D is below average.

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well I got a D in math and I still recieved the 5 credits for it. but I have to take the class again next fall. so maybe college policies are different...

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A d toward your major is not a passing grade. Ask me how many times it took me to get through freshman English, three, har, har, har.

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it's passing and barely passing if it is a D.

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Its barely passing

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hardly...So keep studying!!

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I believe it is technically a pass, but I dont think you get credit

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check with the grading policy at your university/college. some do not accept anything below a C towards credit.

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