Why do the students from high schools complain about the school menu?

I mean i watched the news about high schools students complaining about why the menu has less calories and they say they are hungry and they get tired,but its actually good that the school menu has less calories, they should be grateful that at least they eat, i mean there are many people who doesnt have anything to eat on the streets or people in africa or other poor countries, they are very lucky to eat, what is the future of the country if they get tired and whining about everything. Kids from africa would love to eat what they eat. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

Thats definately not every highschool cause i doubt my highschools food is low calorie. Most people at my highschool complain about it being inedible. And i think the future of America is just fine we do pay money for the food so i think we can voice our opinion about it.

and *dont have anything to eat not doesnt

Answer #2

you are right typograpical mistake sorry.

Answer #3

I mean typographical mistake. you are right sorry.

Answer #4

i mean typographical mistake sorry about that.

Answer #5

Well let’s face it, not every high school student thinks that way. They never had to live without food and they’ve always had food so now that they aren’t getting as much as they used to its a huge deal to them. Not everyone lives every day being 100% grateful for everything they have.

Answer #6

I’m sure there are things you complain about too. I like some school food. I don’t like all of it. Just because people in Africa are starving, doesn’t mean i’m gonna say i like something when i don’t. My school food is gross sometimes. It’s watered down sometimes, it’s too greasy sometimes, the bread can be stale, but sometimes it’s good. I pay $2 a day for shittty food. Of course i’m gonna complain.

Answer #7

You spend 2$ and get a days worth of food…. That’s nothing to complain about even if it is shitty……

Answer #8

actually you dont even get that much food.

Answer #9

I normally take my own food to school :)

Answer #10

Umm a days worth of food? Its called LUNCH. that’s one meal a day and YEAH it IS shitty.

Answer #11

me too!

Answer #12

I pay $3 for shitty nasty food, sometimes tastes like CARDBOARD. Sometimes it is WAY too greasy(pizza) and the portion size is so small a 3 year old wouldn’t get full. Where I live most people are on welfare and get free lunch, then throw it away(ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) and i’m here paying $3 to eat. The pricing is ridiculous for the quality of the food.

Answer #13

i hate how people get free lunch for no reason sometimes!

Answer #14

So do I. Half of these people with free lunch have the money to have all of that Apple equipment, technology, new house, fancy cars, and lie and say they have no money? WTF. My family isn’t rich, my dad supports my little sister and I and the only reason we don’t have free lunch is because our income is a little over the free/reduced line. We may make a “decent” income, but it’s not enough to pay the house and car and electricity and water bill. And people with free lunch complain? If they don’t eat the lunch then don’t apply for free lunch. pack your own. that’s just my thoughts

Answer #15

If you did not know. Michelle obama is the reason why we have 2 chicken nuggets at lunch that cost 3 dollars

Answer #16

lunch isnt 3 dollars at every school and the lunch was bad tastless and you barely get any for way more than 4 years fyi

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