How can I get myself to stop thinking so I can fall asleep?

In 72 hours iv slept a total of about 8 hours. 4 hours the first night, 4 the second, and non the third.iv been working out during the day which includes running, weights, and yoga but nomatter what im so full of thoughts tht i cant ever sleep! I’v even been eatn really healthy but not depriving myslf. iv started crying so many times last nigth cuz i was just so tired and achy but my thoughts took control and wouldnt let me sleep. my anxiety keeps me up so much and iv read these online articles saying how this causes my acne and inflammed skin, it can cause diseasea and heartattacks so im so scared and just really wana just sleep. HELP!!!!!!!!

Answer #1

Do you have an MP3 player ? If so why not download something to listen to as you fall asleep?

You could try sleep meditations or even just a novel.

I use both of these when I can’t sleep. The sleep meditation usually works but if I wake in the middle of the night I find that listening to an audio book entertains my brain enough to kill of errant thoughts.

If you really have a sleepless night - get up out of your bed and take some fresh air, or sit in another room and read.

Good luck!

Answer #2

Hmmm, when I only read the title I was going to suggest exercise but it seems you already do a lot. What kind of thoughts are you thinking? Are they general thoughts about what you did that day, what homework you have to do, who you have to call, shopping, when you’ll get paid, what bills you have to pay etc etc… or are they completely random thoughts that just won’t stop, just weird as snippets of everything and anything that you mind can get hold of? Or are they in any way frightening thoughts?

I think it’s somewhat normal to have trouble sleeping over your thoughts in times of great stress, but not all the time, and not for no reason. Can you think of any reason you’re over thinking everything? How long ago did this start? Maybe you could try a day of little or no exercise, drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods, just sorting everything out, maybe writing your feelings in a diary, writing a to do list, trying to accomplish something that you do need to do. You could change your room around- that always helps me when I’m stressed or feel like I’m slipping away from reality, although I’m not sure how healthy that is for you to just stuff all of your emotions into interior decorating haha. Maybe do some cleaning and watch a movie. Have a stress-free day and just get a few things done and see how you sleep.

- Is your workload too much? Are you on top of your homework? Do you work late some nights? Maybe you just need a break.. Anyhow, I’m not sure what else to say, give it a few days and if you’re still anxious you could try seeing the school health nurse/ counsellor, or finding an adult like a parent, aunt/uncle, friend or teacher that could try and help.

Answer #3

I feel for you because I have always had the same problem where I just can’t turn my mind off and go to sleep. I some times use natural sublingual melatonin ( buy it at a health food store ) You put it under your tongue and let it dissolve. it goes straight into your blood stream without having to be digested like things you swallow. It makes you sleepy long enough to maybe fall asleep, but the effects don’t last til next morning making it hard to get up.

Answer #4

Stop thinking and trying so hard the more you think you can’t sleep the harder it will be

Answer #5

Well i saw someone saying try an MP3 player but that is not good as it will prevent u from REM sleep (pretty much deep sleep). You could try sleeping pills.

30 min before foing to be turn off ALL the lights in ur room and dont do anything destracting as usually even if ur brain will still be active and alert if u turn off the tv etc a few min before sleeping.

Do not eat such things as chocolate, caffineated products etc b4 going to bed odont excersise juz b4 going to bed.

You could also try a warm glass of milk or eat even some boiled potaos as they contain a certain cemical which and possible help u get to sleep.

If all this dont work go to the doctor as u could be developing insomnia or something.

Answer #6

hey you seem cool ad me on facebook. im 17 years old.

Answer #7

I’ve allways had problem sleeping. But I eat like 5-10mg of melatonin and i’m good

Answer #8

i already eat really healthy, its summer vacation so i dont hav alot of stress, and ther random thots of watever my mind can get hold of.

Answer #9

u find it cool that i hav a weriod anxiety disorder? then i guess ill use tht as a starter in future conversations lol

Answer #10

i dont hv a choice. i wish i can just shut my mind off but i cant :(

Answer #11

Hmm maybe you could try meditation, or try going to bed a bit earlier/later than usual. You could try reading before sleep if you don’t already, or if you do, then try sleeping without it.

Answer #12

It’s great stuff!!

Answer #13

iv tried meditation and reading. ill try playing with my clock in my head like waking up extremly early or sumthn. thanku :)

Answer #14

Does this happen the same way every night? What made last night (0 hours) different from the two previous nights (4 hours each)? Look for patterns of what makes it hardest for you to sleep. One thing that will cause your mind to race is adrenalin, like if you push yourself too hard before you go to bed. Don’t exercise late in the day; make sure you have plenty of time (a couple hours) to relax before bedtime. Even in the middle of the day, don’t push yourself to a point of physical exhaustion.

Instead of trying to turn your mind off, try to focus it. Pick one simple, quiet and comforting thought to hold lightly in your mind - maybe a phrase or a word - and every time you find your thoughts wandering, bring them back to that.

The melatonin suggestion is a good one. It should make you drowsy around 1/2 hour after you take it. Make sure you’re in bed and ready for sleep then, because otherwise the effect will pass fairly quickly.

Answer #15

I have problems with this too o.e These are my “fall asleep when I want to” tricks :) Never take naps during the day. Only drink coffee or tea early in the day, and don’t drink any sodas or caffienated drinks after dinner time. Do something physical a few hours before bedtime, like going for a walk, or even doing stretches. Figure out the best atmosphere for falling asleep. A lot of people say that there should be no light or noise in the room, but if I didn’t have light or noise, I would never get to sleep. So, it really depends on the person :) I have one of those fake airwick candles, because I like the flickering light :P And a sound machine, it makes a fan noise - but a lot of people actually like a fan in the room. And I play a classical music CD every night so I can focus on the first song or two - which really helps me clear my head. Sleep in your most natural position - I sleep on my side, curled up in a ball, lol. Probably sounds uncomfortable, but it makes me fall asleep fast. You can try the “tense and relax” method - some people swear by it to help you fall asleep. Starting with your toes and working your way up, slowly tense and then relax every muscle in your body. Pillows! Or..pillow. Me, I love lots of pillows in my bed :) And some people fall asleep best if they are holding onto something. They make these longer pillows to put on your side, so you can hug it while you’re falling asleep - like when you were little and had stuffed toys to sleep with, lol :D Never sleep with your door fully open, I read (and tested) that if you do your brain will be concentrated on the open doorway, making it very hard to fall asleep. So, make sure your door is closed, or if you want it open (I have to leave mine open for my cat, lol), put a door stopper in the frame, so it’s only cracked. Some people like to read before bed, to relax them, but I’m way too interested in books for that to work for me, so I watch generic sitcoms on TV instead :P And, one last thing, it helps me to have a sort of ritual right before I try to go to sleep. Mine is (and I know, I’m insane, lol) that I say goodnight to everyone in the house, including my pets haha, even if it is just to myself - over time it became a sort of queue for my brain to quit thinking :D

Those are all my tips, and if none of those work try decaf tea, or benadryl, lol :P

Answer #16

i like these ideas ther more creative and differnet then wat iv been already doing. thanks ill try sum of these :)

Answer #17

same i need help aswell. usually i dont go to sleep till the morning [1-4am] i ccant seem to switch off properly :/ or ill get scared or something..

Answer #18

I hope they work for you ^.^

Answer #19

Marijuana .

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