Can stills disease cause hair loss?

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The treatment might, but as for the disease itself, hair loss is not listed in the major symptoms.

* High fever
* Fatigue
* Poor appetite
* Nausea
* Weight loss
* Enlarged lymph nodes
* Enlarged liver
* Enlarged spleen
* Inflammation around the heart
* Inflammation around the lungs
* Fluid accumulation around the heart
* Fluid accumulation around the lungs
* Transient salmon colored skin rash
* Erosion of joint cartilage
* Joint pain
* Joint swelling
* Joint stiffness
* Demineralization of joints

However, it's best to ask a doctor.

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Alopecia can be a side effect of another illness or it can be the predominant feature of the disease. Alopecia can be further divided into scarring and non-scarring conditions. In scarring alopecia, hair follicles are permanently damaged and the chance of re-growth is almost nonexistent. Try to take some vitamins for hair loss like Reloxe.

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