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Which one is better for hair loss- mintop or tugain?

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mintop is the best...

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I think tugain is better

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tugain is very good. It works for my husband.

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As a matter of fact they both the same, generic rogaine (minoxidil). I have been using them both over 2 years, and they are very good. I prefer Tugain by Cipla over Mintop by Dr. Reddy's labs because Mintop forte have an unpleasent smell and it contains high alcohol percentage that makes my scalp dry.
I get my Tugain or Mintop from this site which is very good and reliable:

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Nioxin is good for hair loss but is quite too expensive. try using Reloxe from they have the tablets, they offer improved effects and is a lot cheaper.

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I never heard of it. I have used Reloxe for hair loss and yes it really worked for me!

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I used Reloxe for hair loss and it really helped to regrow my hair.

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Both are same

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