How to replace the starter on a '94 Nissan Altima?

how to replace starter on nissian,altima 1994. thank you

Answer #1


I found this online:

The starter motor/solenoid is located to the left of the oil filter. you’ll need to have the vehicle up on stands to access it. Remove two wires. Wire #1 is a clip. To release the clip, push down on the small release tab on the backside of the clip assembly and pull apart. Wire # 2 is connected to the solenoid. Pry off the protective cap with a small screwdriver and undo the nut (12mm). From there you’re supposed to be able to acces the starter motor bolts from the back side of the bell housing. There are only 2 bolts, each 12mm as well. You will not be able to see the first one, as it is pretty hidden. You will need to use the 12mm socket to mark it. From under the car locate the bolt connecting the starter to the bell housing and place the socket on the other side. Now you can remove it from the hood side of the car. The other bolt will be located near a Transmission bolt. Now you can remove it from under the car. It is easier with 2 people.

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