I am a straight male and I don't like sports. Is that strange?

When I tell other men that I don’t like sport they think that there is something wrong with me or they think I am gay. Why is that?

Answer #1

There is a difference between you hate watching sport or practice it. its gonna be kinda levels, level 1 if you practice and watch, level 2 if you just practice, level 3 if you just watch and lowest level if you dont do both. JUST KEEP IT INTO YOUR MIND, Sport Practice assists you to live much better healthy life without diseases. Try to do even some little practices in the early morning when you wake up. it mostly works.!!

Answer #2

There’s nothing wrong with being different. The way I see it is that guys use competition to “prove” their masculinity. I can tell you though that girls tend to go for the different, sensitive guys more than the jocks.

Answer #3

Yo man I’m a guy, I’m athletic and stuff but I’m not interested in sports either. It doesn’t really matter, interests don’t define sexuality. Go out and sleep with a few woman (if you’re single) so the next time your friends call you gay you can ask: “Hey when was the last time you had sex?” Haha

Answer #4

I hate sports. But I like self improvement. Have you tried playing the sports? I find I can have fun throwing a ball around with mates then watching the games on TV. That bores the crap outta me =D

My advice? Try a one man sport, like parkour / freerunning. In my first month of this I noticed a definate improvement in my like of other sports, which means that I’m now able to watch with friends, instead of asking them to change the channel. I’m also now the most athletic of the lot, and the most ripped. If they rip on you for doing “gymnastics” chuck a backsummy and kick em =D

Your not gay, you like tits too much. Accumulate a porn stash, and “accidentally” leave one out next time they come over etc.

Just the stuff I’ve done =]


Answer #5

The gay part is not what bothers me as they know I am not gay. Is just that I really never met any guys like me. lol. Like the worst for me is Superbowl time. When I was in the military I was living in the barracks with like 15 other guys and it was bad because they will be all jumping around and screaming at the TV and I will be all alone. A lot of the time I switched work with somebody that wanted the evening off or went to the movies.

Answer #6

hey man, realized you posted this a lil while ago but wanted to respond anyways. I’m kinda the same, never really liked organized sport. played soccer as a kid and never liked it so just involved myself in more unorganized go for yourself sports such as biking and skateboarding. I could really care less about what others think really so it never bothered me and have friends that range from jock types to armchair athletes and I’ve never been able to talk their talk but likewise from them to be.. so im happy being myself they have their deal, I have mine.. but as far as homosexuality and sports… lol there are a lot of gay athletes so I never got the connection between others thinking your gay because you dont play sports. obviously they have to check themselves if they think that.so dont worry about it. I know that doesnt bother you, but still. Also you have to imagine guys tend to collect to the easiest things. Just be happy your not like the rest of the lot. cheers

Answer #7

well, there are many gays that like sports so they are wrong to think that… I dont think its wrong that you dont like sports… a lot of guys I know dont…I personally love love love sports… not girly ones either… football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and swimming… I love to dirt bike and horse back-ride too, I have a horse and a dirt bike… sometimes people just dont like certain things… no problem with that

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