Fast way to learn the splits!

Dance team tryouts are monday, its friday! I need to learn the splits! Quick and easy way, tomorrow is friday, and tryouts are this monday! I know how to do everything! But not the splits, and its going to kill me if I dont make it! This is the one thing I want to do. Anybody know a trick or an easyyy way to learn how tooo???

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whatever you do do not let anyone push you down when you are trying to do the splits no matter rwhat other sources say because it can really hurt you. Look it up if you dont beleive me.

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practicing how to split is like a meditating session for me, here’s an advice.. close the curtains, make sure it’s dim enough for you to completely relax..if the floor is cold then cover it with a blanket or something.. rub your legs and thighs with a warming cream, deep-heat ones and muscle relievers will do well. put on some familiar slow music..and get in a comfortable position where you can rest your head somewhere and start stretching every part and angle, posing for at least one minute at each position..make sure you’re breathing in and out deeply and trying your very best to relax all of your’ll know it’s working when you pushed to your limit and it slowly starts hurting less and’ll feel that you’re able to stretch abit further every time..make sure you don’t overwork yourself, rest for abit every now and then. do this a couple of times a day at least. hope that helped

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I’ve just started gymnastics again and I haven’t done it for 2 years!!! I used to have my splits but now I can’t!!! I hate it when people say just stretch, but thats all you can do. Its better to stretch your splits when you’re watching tv or reading a book to get yor mind of things. Start out by going down as far as you can, hold it until it doen’t hurt anymore, and then go down a little bit further where it hurts again. Keep on repeating and you’ll make a lot of progress! If you do this atleast once every day you should be down soon. Good Luck!

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I think what you should do is just stretch more and more every day because I nkow its gona hurt but if you really want to no how to do a split you will just deal with thats how I learned how to do my split because I am a cheerleader and on the dance team and im flexible in a lot of ways but order for me to do all that it take a lot of work and even though it hurts I just think about what it will be like once I know how to do it my edvice is just take as it come

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well if you sit in your splits while your watching tv or something..ull be able to go down lower and lower and then you will become more flexible

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Stretch all the time, push yourself harder each time. I have all 3 of my splits. Also overextend your splits on like a pillow or two. You do that by putting one foot on the pillows. It works great! good luck let me know how it goes!!

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Stretch all the time, push yourself harder each time. I have all 3 of my splits. Also overextend your splits on like a pillow or two. You do that by putting one foot on the pillows. It works great! good luck let me know how it goes!!

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That is all very good advice.

doing the splits while watching tv or maybe reading…

but another thing that would enhance your splits faster is to do oversplits on a mat.. what you do is put your front leg heel on the top of something at least 8 inches off the ground and then slide down hold them and continue to try and push down harder.

same for middle splits.

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It takes time to fully do it,even if you are very flexible.You can’t do it in just two days hon.!Sorry.

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Quick and easy? It depends on how flexible you are. If you are flexible, splits should not be a problem at all. If you aren’t you need to devote a lot of time to stretching everyday. Splits aren’t something you “know how to do”, but something you are just ABLE to do depending on flexibility. When it comes to flexibility, you need to STRETCH. There isn’t an trick for it. Peace

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It is nearly impossible to learn your splits in 3 days. I just learned how to do my right and middle within a year. To help you start off, you need to soak in warm water to help your leg muscles be able to stretch better without it hurting as bad. You need to do the butterfly stretch, go down in the middle and stretch our, and high kicks. Doing high kicks help flex your muscles. Also, while trying to do splits, make sure you do not push yourself too far, and use heating gels. Ex: icy hot, sport heat, etc… Good luck, and hope you make it. My dance tryouts are in 4 days, so I’m stretching with ya!!!

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