Hmm, does spelling and grammar bother you when it's incorrect

Hmm, does spelling and grammar bother you when it’s incorrect.. Haha, because when I text people, or go on AIM, I always correct it. Haha, it’s just one of those things that bothers me… Word?

Answer #1

Haha, me too. ! In text messages, I’ll use commas, apostrophes. None of my friends do it.. And I always say, ‘Ah! Doesn’t it bother you at all that you look stupid making all of those mistakes?’ .. Hah, they call me nerd. And I’m not even that smart, I just don’t want to look less smart by not writing in proper english, which is our language… Haha.

Answer #2

I cannot stand incorrect spelling and grammar.I send my text in full sentences with punctuation. It’s how it should be and it’s how I was taught. I believe bad spelling and grammar makes a person look rather unintelligent.

Answer #3

ugh yes, it annoys me. theres times when I wont use an apostrophe, or something but when people misspell simple words without even trying to correct themselves, ill end up correcting them.

but during texts, its understandable to me why people type words a lot shorter to save space in a 160 character message.

Answer #4

It drives me crazy. Occaisionally I’ll slack a little, but usually I’ll type it out, check spelling, and then send it. We should talk sometime.

Answer #5

To some degree I suppose. But if I say “u” instead of “you” who cares? Haha. I only do things like that cause its quicker to type not because I like to talk to m’ hommie dawgs like this :P

Answer #6

It drives me literally ballistic.

I don’t mind so much when the person actually has trouble with it, but when I see typin like dis - well…you know…

Answer #7

I hate it too. Even in texts I’ll write everything out in full with all the correct punctuation. I hate bad spelling and grammar.

Answer #8

Lol yeah it really bothers me too! >.>

Answer #9

it does nt bther meee,because I dew it mi selff…lolz x10

Answer #10

Yesss. When people type like t his ‘Omgz that was so kool… or like blahblahblah. ‘ Ah, it’s so annoying.

Answer #11

Haha. I don’t like incorrect grammer also.

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