Is there a specific name for this type of window?

Answer #1

Is that on the front or back of the car, if it is the front we usta call them the wing, because they would open and let in the full force of air in of what ever speed you where doing. Why did they get rid of these.

Answer #2

Isn’t that a quarter-glass window?

Answer #3

It is in the front on the passenger side. It doesn’t open.

Answer #4

Oh thats a thunderbird :D ?

Answer #5

Well back in the 90’s I had a 86 chevy pickup with the wings, and these sure did help when you where to poor to fix your AC.

Answer #6

that’s the thing; car makers want you to fix your AC and not having wing windows improve gas mileage. I hate though how new cars don’t have them. That looks more like a rear window in that picture, my guess to either a mercedes or some model of gm, like a pontiac or something. It’s just technically called a rear window. If you included a picture of the whole car, and just said exactly where the window in question was, this could get a better-for-sure answer.

Answer #7

It would be called the back quarter panel window.

Answer #8

Yea I found it, thanks!

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