School Uniforms/Standardized Dress

so apparently the school district says that it helps kids focus more on school, and some other stuff.

now, I would have to disagree, kids will still worry about clothes, and uniforms will not imporve grades at all. tucking in your shirt does nothing. they say it helps from kids hiding weapons, but seriously, if they wanted to bring a gun, they could just put it in their BACKPACK. gawsh…

what is your opinion on school uniforms or standardize dress and the “tuck in your shirt” policy? does it help the kids learn, or is it just another difficulty? (and dont go into the “it’s cheaper” argument because no it’s not, people had spent money on a lot of new clothes that they cant wear now, and it’s just another expense aside from normal clothes.)

Answer #1

Personally I do believe that they are doing it so they don’t have to worry about dress code issues as much, and the same way with fights, and complaining like the people above had said.

I also personally dislike it because it takes away a part of each students individuality. Our school doesn’t do that because they want to be able to recognize each student that causes troubles, and what not.

I believe it is also a difficulty because there are students that really can't afford uniforms. Plus how is everyone going to learn about individuality, and the fact that everyone is different by wearing the same uniforms? Plus it wouldn't be teaching the students a thing about even accepting the fact that someone is different from them and to learn to tolerate them.  Even to cope with it real life. 

To me it’s a complete waste of time, and learning for that matter.

Answer #2

I agree with you,it’s a waste of everyone’s time cause kids may have bought new clothes over the weekend and with the school making them dress up in uniforms will probably have complaints dropping in the principals office nonstop. It doesn’t even near help boost learning skills cause if they were dressed normally it wouldn’t change thing accept make everyone look the same which I doubt they would like that.

Tucking the shirt is even worse because in the morning what if the child wakes up late and doesn’t have much time to do much,they would get harassed by school personnel about that and the child will tell the parents and that will start up a little protest. If they want kids to focus in class more,they should try and make the work a little funner so everyone will get what the teacher is saying.

Long story short,uniforms won’t do anything to help learning and whatnot.


Answer #3

I don’t think it has anything to do with making it easier for the kids to focus. I think it has to do with making it easier for the administration to control dress policies.

I doubt anyone has done any kind of scientific study on this.

Answer #4

I Dont See How It Helpss you At School Wearing Uniform Lolss Thats A Load Of Rubbish :P If Yaa Wear Non Uniform It Wont Upset Yur Education Thats Just Stupid Lolss.To Be Honest I Think They Shud Get Rid Of Uniform Itss Stupid And Pointless! Lolss x

Answer #5

I prefer wearing a school uniform ‘cause,y’know, why spend time deciding what to wear when you could have extra time to sleep??? lol

It doesn’t do anything for grades or stuff like that but it shows you represent your school…

Answer #6

It is pure BS.

I have worn a uniform for all of my educational life so far. Teachers think it will give them less stress (dress code) but then they’ll start banging on about ties, up, shirts tucked in, skirts rolled down, no make-up etc. It doesn’t work. The bottom line is they’re trying to make their school look more presentable or something.

Uniforms DO NOT stop fights - people find other things to argue over. Uniforms DO NOT make you smarter. Jeez what are they gonna do - embed drugs in your ties?

Some people make me laugh…

Answer #7

I HATE them.

kyra112, I know what you mean about the whole abercrombie thing, but kids will STILL wear abercrombie polos to school. I see it everday, it;s still all about name brand, and that wont ever change.

and getting to wear what you want DOES say a lot about you. it shows off your personality. and you cant really say it doesnt, because what if someone likes to dress it bright funky colors, it would give you the idea that they like to stand out.

uniforms take a lot away. AND that make you look incredibaly stupid.

Answer #8

it’s merly for the kids not to get in fights and notbgetting destacted by complaining or talking about their chlothes…

Answer #9


uhm wearing abercrombie or whatever else someone else does wont make you a future b*tch, GAWD.

yews it does show individuality, because GUESS WHAT?! NOT EVERYONE CONFORMS TO FLIPPING SOCIETY AND WEARS WHAT EVERYONE ELSE DOES SO STOP SAYING THAT EVERYONE DOES, GAWSH! some people actually go for their own style.

no offense, but seriously, calm down.

and plus, I dont know about you, but I dont like looking like a retard in uniforms.

Answer #10

it’s part of their opression of the youth. school uniforms help break their spirits and conform to their way of life. and if you think I’m just being paranoid, I went to uniformed school for 6 years. three of them at a Catholic school, believe me, uniforms are to only to breed future republican soldiers. simple as that and no, it does not help the education. I have better grades now than when I wore a uniform.

Answer #11

WHAT THE HELLL are you guys talking about individuality?!?!

Sure, in the real world what you wear says a lot abou you, but lets face it, most of the kids about 90% I would say, wear sh*t to impress other kids and thats NOT being yourself. And how is it individuality if everyone is wearing the same sweater that says “Abercrombie”

WOW all I can tell from that person is where they possibly shop.

Im sorry, but there is now way you can tell me that a Uniform will take away their individuality!HONESTLY. Come on! And as far as the conformism thing goes, what do you call it when everyone buys the same sweater due to JUST the name brand?

Im pretty sure thats a more subtle version of Conformism, and id rather have my child bred a future politician than a future b*tch.

Answer #12

I dont think they meant that uniforms will make you smarter, they meant that it will keep your mind more on school rather than worrying about what you where. and I hate when students at my school sit there in their Abercrombie sweaters complaining about how if they wear uniforms they cant “express” themselves. I dont think that a red sweater with the word “Abercrombie” and nothing else MEANS ANYTHING, all you are doing is promoring a popular brand, and its a waste of money.

personally, I wish my school had uniforms, that way I wouldnt have to worry about what im going to wear or how I look.

So thats me

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