What would an appropriate salt water filter be for keeping seahorses?

I am getting an aquarium for seahorses and i am not sure what sort of filtration system i should get. all i know is that i need a 300 gph salt water pump with low current. if anyone could give ANY other information on this i would greatly appreciate it!

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There is far more to consider here than just the filtration system. Sea horses should be kept in synthetic sea water and require gauges to measure the salt in the water, etc. The pet store that sells the sea horses would have all this information readily available to you, so they can provide you with the prime environment for your sea horses. Here's some light reading that might be of use for you:

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Yes I know how much care I have to take when I set up the tank and raising them. I have been doing intense research on them for a little while now, but I want to make sure I'm getting a good quality/appropriate filtration system. All the websites regarding filtration systems are all harping their own filtration system rather than giving me information about what is most suitable. Thanks for the link though; any information is good information! =)

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