who is as sad as i am about how earth is dying?

Answer #1

Not I.

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Answer #3


Answer #4

I really couldn’t care less ^_^ no offense. That’s just me.

Answer #5

The earth is dying?

Answer #6

me :/

Answer #7

Well everybody dies …. why not the earth too!/!/!!

Answer #8

Good point… :)

Answer #9

… D:

Answer #10

i think some top scientist are going over the top about grobel warming too justify keeping they well paid jobs,if you look at the history of earth you will see it goes through periods of warmer temps for a couple of hundred years before going through a period of cooler temps,yes the poles are melting at a fast rate,but thats because we are going through a warm period,in the past we did not have the science to study this,but i’m sure earth will survive for a long time yet,soo just chill!

Answer #11

I agree. :)

Answer #12

Technically tha earth never dies unless a blac hole or a meteor kill it.But yea mankind is must likely to die b 4 tha earth dies

Answer #13

I don’t believe in global warming. I know that a bunch of people are going to tell me I’m stupid and that the proof is right in front of me but if you’ve ever been to VA you know that at least our part of the earth is perfectly healthy.

Answer #14

you are stupid and the proof is right in front of you

Answer #15

you are stupid and the proof is right in front of you

Answer #16

Because even if I believed in “global warming” it’s not going to happen in my lifetime so guess what. I am going to keep littering, not recycling, and poluting the earth because I’m not going to have to pay the price. HA!

Answer #17

bad carma bro!?

Answer #18

I don’t, human activity is rupturing this pattern that the earth maintains, oh, and through the rise and fall of these temperatures, many species died, what’s to say humans won’t die in the next mass heat wave.

Answer #19

Wise words :P

Answer #20

yes,it is dying as today nobody cares about it,everybody is like buying cars and industries ..and increasing pollution.nobody seem to care as they always think ‘aah,i don’t think earth will be all green if i only changed so its okay if i do…’ i am sad about it..what if we would not here,our generations will be.

Answer #21

Not sad, it’s inevitable. Is humanity moving it along more quickly? I think so, but not to dying of the earth, just of humanity. We, like the dinosaurs, will get to be too many and pollute the earth until we are killed by diseases and climate changes. This is the history of the earth. But humans are supposedly smart, so if we could quit killing each other and work together there might be hope. But there are too many selfish people in the world, so the earth won’t die, but we will. Have a good day.

Answer #22

lol @ chad…

Answer #23

It’s great that you are concerned about the environment. We only have the one earth and we should try to take care of it… as its viability determines our viability along with the rest of the creatures we share the planet with. As long as you don’t go overboard and buy into the guilt trip that we are ushering in the doom and gloom scenario painted by those who have a vested interest in making us all feel guilty.

The very same anthropogenic global warming advocates who bleat about the upcoming heat wave would have been forecasting the rush on parkas 50 years ago as the scientific consensus then was that humanity was on the brink of the next ice age.

Instead of agreeing to higher taxes… use alternative energy sources when you build your future houses. Get off of the energy grid as much as possible. Take a proactive role in your conservation measures. Don’t give money to bureaucrats and expect them to use it the same way you would. Their first priority is ensuring their own paychecks.

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Answer #25

yes the earth is dying and nobody cares to give it a look or a thought what man is doing with the nature for his selfish needs and he is not realising that this cat race will give him nothing.

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