Running mile everyday help me lose weight on my stomach and get ab

Okay, I’m 16 years old. I am probably about 5’2 or 5’3 and weigh about 100 lbs. I’m pretty skinny, but I have excess fat on my stomach. I want a flat stomach and great abs. Would it help me a lot if a ran a mile a day? I have ran a mile every day for the past six days, (on my treadmill) but if I continue this pattern will I see results soon or does running not help lose weight on your stomach that fast? Please answer if you can, and soon. Also, if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

Answer #1

But I heard crunches don’t really help.. :/

Answer #2

my boyfriend started running a mile a day and totally lost his beer gut

Answer #3

urrm it helps if you do sit ups as well because it tones

Answer #4

P90X is the answer. Search it. It costs a bunch. But you will reap the benefits. Great abs, and if your male: muscles to brag about. It helped me a bunch. Now I can actually go to the beach and not be super self conscious. The cost is understandable, but nonetheless its a LOT. But it works. Also I ran for over a month, it does help a bit. But not nearly as much as P90X did. Te ab-lounger, and ab belt, and ab crunch machine all are fake. This is the real deal. But trust me, THIS IS NOT EASY. The “X” is for X-treme.

Answer #5

lmao…no a mile isnt a lot unless your just beginning…

Answer #6

how much do you want to loose ?? cause you can only loose a pound a week .

Answer #7

one, its not fat on your stomach its skin…everyone has it…but if you really want a six pack you should change your diet and watch what you eat, stay away from sweets like candy,soda,ice cream,ect…also stay away from junk food:chips,fruit snack,and stuff thats bad for you. also your going to want to run 3 miles or more and do about 30minute ab workouts everyday and you should see results in a few weeks,but dont kill yourself, if you cant run three miles start small then go farther as you become better. good luck

Answer #8

crunches help sit ups though will widen hips squats will make a big butt. im your age btw lol=p. ok here for a flat stomach/abs:buy resistance tube but an exta handle for it. place extra handle under the door and close door so now you will have the resistance tube in place. grab both ends of tube on your side of door and do the crunches,it does burn but you will notice not quick but a daily notice just b persistance. pilates too helps. for me the sit ups and then I instruct and take karate,10 years now. that keeps me in shape big time when we sparr(fight)I sparr with the guys and my bestie there just so happens to b karate champ of world 4 times now hes in the books also are age and height so we can achieve things but a lot of girls dont like the bruises I personally think of them as an achievment.=) however your height and weight would b cansidered underweight so gain weight but gain the toned muscle as well it looks nicer,nobody wants to think theyre going to break you in a hug lol.go to bmi calculators and type in stuff see your results its good to be in the 50th percent

Answer #9

Sit ups won’t “widen your hips” and squats won’t “make a big butt”. These are myths. Just remember that those fitness models you see in ads have just been through an extremely strict diet and exercise routine just to look like that for about a week. It is not practical to expect to have a “six pack” unless you want to make that goal consume your life.

Most women have a body fat percentage between 22 and 36%. If you really want your muscles to show beneath your skin (which isn’t necessarily attractive for everyone) you would need to aim for around 14 to 17%. It sounds like you are already at a pretty low percentage.

Unfortunately even if you target an extremely low body fat percentage, you still don’t get to decide where the fat is lost on your body. Yes running can help you lose belly fat, but you will lose fat where genetics decides. Unfortunately there is no one exercise to target specific areas of fat. That’s just not up to you. So pick an exercise that you enjoy and can have fun doing four to five days a week and just try to be healthy and happy. There’s no use in worrying over a little “belly fat” when your already a size 3.

Answer #10

I agree running and ab workouts helps. As well as maintaing a good diet. That’s what I’m doing to burn my belly fat because I just had a baby 3 months ago and its been tough. But I’m seeing result.

Answer #11

running is for the legs-you need to do push ups or some ab exerices-look on the internet for more

Answer #12

Running is a great cardio workout to burn fat and also to tone your leg muscles. It won’t really help to “create” the abs you are looking for. If you want abs, you need to do a series of ab workouts. Crunches,sit-ups, bicycle crunches(works your obleeks–however you spell that), PLANKS.

If you want an actual layed-out routine, go on youtube and look up ab workouts and find one that suits you.

Answer #13

Running will help you lose the fat on your stomach but you need to do sit ups to get the abs.

Answer #14

sit up and leg lifts are the way to go to tone your abs, I am 5’8” male 125 pounds with under 1.5% body fat rat.

Answer #15

I just want my stomach fat to be lost. I mean theres not Thaaat much but it’s there. I just want my stomach to be flatter where you can see a possible 4 or 6 pack. I’m just wondering if this running at least a mile a day on my treadmill will help. I thought a mile was a lot.. lol

Answer #16

No they dont because there working the abs but the belly fat you need to get rid of…run a couple more miles and eat a bit more protein to help the muscle repair and will turn the fat into muscle.

Answer #17

Running helps lose weight only if your diet goes along with it…Running a mile a day and eating a ton of junk food won help…the faster you run the more calories you burn but your pretty light so you probably dont lose that much…I would run a little bit more and do extra core work to help lose the belly fat.

Answer #18

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Answer #19

my prfered method is long boarding .. its not as dangerous as those little short boards. those super big wheels ride over everything and the good part is it works exacty you pronlem areas - tummy -thighs -and butt. and the double plus is how hot is a chick on a skate board. Extra hot

Answer #20

u wont get abs off running a mile everyday.. ull lose weight but not get abs.. I run 3 miles everyday and I’ve been doing this for 3 years and IM trying to get abs.. but its a good habit to do run in the morning!! keep doing it

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