How exactly does a router work?

I am thinking about getting a laptop. I already have a desktop with internet. (I have charter bundle: phone, cable, and internet) When I get my laptop, it will have wi-fi, but I don’t know whether it will pick up anything in my house. I want internet on the laptop, so I was thinking of getting a router.

What exactly is a router, and how does it work? Will it plug into my laptop, or does it allow my laptop to pick up wi-fi from my desktop?

Answer #1

A router works by connecting it to your modem, your modem is what supplies the internet connection to one of your computers. What the router does is makes the internet connection wireless so that you can connect several computers without an ethernet cable to the internet that you’re paying for.

The only downside is that the connection might be ruptured, if it’s weak then things like phone calls and microwaves can rupture the connection. Oh and also, being too far away from the router can weaken the connection.

It’s convenient to have, a router doesn’t cost much and I’d reccomend getting one from NETGEAR. It’s what I use, it lets you set a password for your connection so other people don’t “borrow” from your internet!

Hope that helps :)

Answer #2

I was thinking about asking my ISP for one, I think they may give them to us for free, since we have a contract with them and all. What I want, is to get a laptop, and not have it plugged into anything (ethernet cords, etc..), so I can just use it in my room on my bed. The thing is, I have had a laptop before, that had wi-fi, but wouldn’t pick up anything in my house. Do you have any advice for me?

Answer #3

That’s where a router comes in, once you have the router installed, your computer will pick up a signal from your room or in range of the router itself, depending on close you are to the router is how strong the signal is. Once you have the router installed, you can take your laptop to your room, turn it on, and it’ll pick up the signal. From there, you set up your routers connection and make it your home network. And then, every time you turn it on, you’ll have wireless internet, piece of cake :)

Answer #4

Ooh, okay. Thanks! :) My desktop is right outside my bedroom door, so the signal should be pretty strong, right?

Answer #5

What Miguel said. Routers are generally pretty strong. Mine is downstairs in the living room and I use my laptop upstairs…

Answer #6

Thanks! :)

Answer #7

Just make sure you set a security password, so only your household can use your internet, otherwise other people could log on to your internet and use it for free! but that should all be explained in the instructions.

Answer #8

On the same note, put a password on it so no one else can use it. That will make sure your internet doesnt slow down and it will help prevent people from being able to hack into your computer.

Answer #9

Okay, thank you Emma. :)

Answer #10

Okay…I’ll be sure and do that. :)

Answer #11

I would like to add to Miguel statement - I would get a Linksys router over a Netgear. My friends Netgear is no end of trouble, always having to restart it or it drops the internet. Also, stay away from Belkin. I don’t know how many Belkin routers I have had to replace for people over the years. But my Linksys router is still going strong after having it for 6+ years. Also, you only get wireless from a wireless router. If you just get a hardwire router you will get 4 Ethernet ports on the back and no wireless. Most wireless routers tho have 4 Ethernet ports + wireless. If its a wireless Access Point only, you only get wireless.

Answer #12

Also, recommend you use WPA for the encryption method. WEP is ridiculously easy to crack.

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