Low self esteem and slow reflexes

um…I have low self esteem, and the fact I can move the same speed as a 1920 lawn mower doesn’t help. any ideas?

Answer #1

Video games have proven to quicken your reflexes. Sports of course will too. Low self esteem means you probably have a bad diet as well as you do not exercise. I believe you have some sort of chemical imbalance and you should try eating better as well as pick up a sport of some sort. Of course making it a very active sport like soccer or track or something. If you are not fit enough then START EXERCISING. It takes awhile to get in good shape and eat right so don’t think you will be good to go in a week or month or so.

Answer #2

Well first of all try thinking of the good things about yourself. Is there anything that you absolutely hate about yourself? Is there anything that you at least like about yourself alittle? You shouldn’t have low self esteem. No one should, any one in the world is just as good as any other human being. And as for reflexes, it doesn’t just come to you, you should just try and like yourself more first. And I’m going to ask this, are you uncomfortable with moving a lot in front of others? Because if you are then maybe that’s the problem. You’re afraid of moving and screwing up with something. So you become stiff and low self esteemed. Gain more self esteem, in my opinion. But then again maybe I’m wrong. Playing dodge ball would definitely help with reflexes.

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