How to pursue my shattered dreams ?

I dream to be a rich and famous celebrity. I’ll earn millions of dollar easily. Then I’ll help the poor people and suffering animals. I can encourage people not to abuse animals through media. I can give my family a good life.

To be frank, before my celebrity dream, I have another dream. I dream to travel around the world and work. Like, I work in new york for a few years. Then I work in germany for a few years. And I want to settle down in london.

But recently my dad lost his job. And my mom will be jobless soon. Suddenly I feel that money is a big issue. The only way to earn millions of dollar easily is to become a celebrity. But I really don’t know how. So far I don’t know any asian who is rich and famous in hollywood.

I feel that, my dream to work in other countries or to be a celebrity won’t come true. Work in other countries needs a lot of money. Be a celebrity is so difficult.

Answer #1

It doesn’t matter what race you are! Also (not sure what kind of celebrity you want to be but) most people start small: i.e if it’s a singer perhaps sing at a pub. Others might enter competitions. Hope I helped :>

Answer #2

To be honest, the chances of becoming famous are very slim. Although, I’m sure that you can do a lot better than some ‘celebrites’ nowadays who sell themselves out of sex and are only famous cos of their parents or for doing dr*gs ect.

If you believe you can do it. But you have to have a talent of some sort. Money isn’t everything. You can’t just wish that you can become rich soon. You don’t sound like you need millions of dollars. Starving people need millions of dollars, homeless people need millions of dollars.

If you do become a celebrity then just don’t sell out yourself; don’t sell out for sex, don’t strip for the public. But you, completely.

But if all you want is money, then I doubt you’ll succeed. The people that make it are the people that want to do something because they are passionate about it.

Answer #3

I also have dreams like yours ;) and I hope these questions/advice can help you:

  1. What is your dream? Is it worth following?
  2. How was it shattered?
  3. Is there a possibility of fixing it even if it is as slim as 0.01% chance? How long will it take?
  4. If there is, you can still pursue it.
  5. Who is your closest friend/family member/person? Tell them about your dream. 6.What is the steps to pursuing your dream? Write down or remember these steps.
  6. What resources do I need?
  7. Where can I find these resources?
  8. If the resource isn’t available, what can I substitute with?
  9. Use the resources and follow the steps
  10. If you can’t fully pursue your dream with in the time you setted, don’t worry. Theres plan B.
  11. Evaluate how sucessfully you accomplished the dream, if you pursued your dream, congratulations! If you didn’t, heres plan B:
  12. Rethink: Is this dream realistic? Should I find or change my dream? Is it worth following again?
  13. Just change the steps or resources.
  14. DO NOT be sad about giving up! it means you found an even better dream out there :D
  15. If your dream means everything to you, keep pursuing it. Theres no such thing as a shattered dream, its only delayed.
  16. It’s never too late to start at 70 years old, because we have more than enough dreams to accomplish a lifetime. After you completed your dream, there will be new ones anyway!

I hope this can help you with your dream :) I would like to be a celebrity too, but is being a celebrity your ultimate dream? You can be rich without being a celebrity (which is probably even better since celebrities have a really difficult life), if you work in an embassy you can move to a different part of the world every three years, you can go on holidays to see the world, there are many jobs out there that are enjoyable! money is a resource, but those who depend on free money never learn or achieve anything. be proud of yourself, hardship isn’t something that an average person gets to experience. There are many lazy in the world who are stupid, ignorant, and know nothing about a hard life. if you are worried about nationality, there are loads of famous asians in asia, celebrities don’t only evolve around hollywood, you can find them in many well known cities around asia. my final piece of advice is: if you want to be a celebrity, then go and be a celebrity!

Answer #4

‘The Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ is aptly named. Thousands like you have had the same dream. To dream is one thing, to have trained and developed yourself with sufficient skills and talent to outshine the rest is another. These things are not gained instantly, and even Holly/Bollywood cannot help a singer who cannot sing in tune, hold a note, or dance intuitively; but many assume that good looks and desire are enough. Assess your talents. What are you good at? What are the things you can do that others marvel at? What things do you enjoy most? Even some of the great actors were only average in their teens, and only bloomed in their 50’s; some are briefly very talented in a competitive field that always wants the latest best thing - once one person is superceded by the next they can find it hard to get performing work at all and end up depressed wrecks (a lot of sportspeople can’t cope with being coaches having been at the top of the tree in their younger years). Hence people like Madonna and Gaga have become skilled at re-inventing themselves to stay on top. Educated people are otherwise better paid, so this option is worth considering. At the end of the day, life does not bring luck to you, you have to create it by training yourself better in whatever you do best. Opportunities will then start to become more obvious.

Answer #5

You’re 18…and you have NO picture of yourself on our site. So, you CAN’T be a celebrity as you’re too shy. Can you imagine the paparazzi taking photos of you every time you’re outside a building???


My father in law is the vice president of a country…I’m not a celebrity. I’ve met a president, my wife has met three heads of state…and Arnold, the gubernator. She’s not a celebrity, either…even though she was on national TV in her country.

Being famous doesn’t do much…being a celebrity, by itself, does zero…you need to be famous for a reason and have people captivated BY YOU constantly to enable you to achieve those goals you outlined.

From my perspective…you’re too shy to take the first step. There are TONS of good answers on how to become an actress, singer, etc, on our site…try some of the advice, and see where it leads you. Good luck.

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