Do you prefer the treadmill or walking outside?

Answer #1

i prefer running outside. i love to be outside. tread mills you are confined inside a gym or house. pros and cons to both. cons to outside is it isn’t fun to run in the rain and cold. tread mill can be used all yr round. pro to both running is good. outside sun fresh air.

Answer #2

Running outside can be good but i always get that weird feeling that peole are watching me. And the tread mill makes me dizzy after i get off it, but i still run on the tread mill.

Answer #3

I prefer the treadmill because it’s more comfortable walking indoors. Outside is usually too hot or too cold for me to enjoy my exercise.

Answer #4

outside! i always enjoy my workouts outdoors… something about change of scenery and moving from point A to point B that just makes it that much more enjoyable. =]

Answer #5

Depends on the weather…if it’s freezing(like it’s been) definitely the treadmill but otherwise I prefer out side

Answer #6

tred mill, because my left side starts to kill and it’s better if i’m close to home or in home when it happens : l

Answer #7

Outside, when the weather is nice.

Answer #8

tread mill

Answer #9

I love the tread mill. I recently heard it isn’t the best on your joints.Running outside is recommended. I have used the tread mill for years and prefer it.

Answer #10

I like outside when I’m running with a group.

Answer #11

I’d prefer outside better, just because you get the full feeling of exercising when you’re outside. Feeling wind in your face, and just being around nature. Treadmills are a good idea when there’s bad weather outside, or when you’re busy. But I personally like running outside more.

Answer #12

I have one so it is convenient for me to run before I start working.

Answer #13

Being female I guess preferring to run in a group outside isn’t nutty or paranoid. I see your point and actually agree with you but safety is first for me.

Answer #14

Outside , Why be in the house on a tread mill? To me it`s just boring and if your trying to exercise and you get bored your going to stop . Being outside you get fresh air and more excercise! especially during the summer you could get a tan to(:

Answer #15

actually i like running with people. it is more entertaining to me, because running becomes boring to me sometimes so being with people i could talk and run, and also i get pushed to go longer. :)

Answer #16

If I am running with a group of friends, I run outside.

Answer #17

I read a very interesting article recently that discovered that the single best way to run was barefoot, outside, on natural terrain. It’s how our body is designed to work. There’s a crew of runners that do marathons around the perimeter of some smaller islands in Hawaii that run the whole of it barefoot through grass and sand and dirt. You might not have the most attractive feet afterward, but it’s good for you!

Answer #18

Outside! I love the outdoors & the heat. I run with my dad during the summer and it’s like 95 degress. We live in the south so ofcoause it’s gonna hot. -.-

Answer #19

both i like the treadmill when i’m not feeling good or just don’t feel like being seen outside i don’t mind if its raining i’ll run in the rain if i feel like it or if its cold for florida

Answer #20

i prefer outside i love the feel of the pavement underneath my feet one oft in front of the other and its freeing and relaxation at its best but see inside ur stress is still there outside its kinda of an escape

Answer #21

yea i started going to the gym and i take classes like cycling bodypump and stuff like that but for cardio like after body pump i run on the tread mil … i figure it the same thing im more shy to run outside lol

Answer #22

outside because you can get the same exercise and results as you would on a treadmill but just with a bigger variety of benefits such as fresh air, different views, see people and etc… as to a treadmill yu will usually be inside a building with one view. plus you dont need ther help of a machine, prove it by running, you’ll be proud you did :) good luck

Answer #23

I guess treadmills are great convenience, and you can run watching TV or looking after children or whatever lol. But I prefer running outside (when it’s not too hot like right now!). I just like the fresh air, change of scenery, and the moving feeling, if you get what I mean.

Answer #24

definetly outside. i love cross country and on a treadmill ur not really going anywhere. When ur outside though, the terrain changes and so does the scenery and i actually love running in the cold and the rain. u run alot faster.

Answer #25

outside for sure

Answer #26

running outside is nice but any excercise machine is good when your inside because the weather outside is not good for running conditions.

Answer #27

i like the tread mill only because i find i push myself more when i know im alway going the same speed.

Answer #28

Running outside! The scenery keeps the mind occupied. I feel like a hamster when I get on a treadmill:)

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