Do plants grow faster with music?

Do plants grow faster with or without music?

Answer #1

plants normaly grow faster in niosy environments then quite ones, to proof I’v made an experiment on that in my science fair and the result was that the plant that was in the niosy room grew faster while the other plant wilt. :D

Answer #2

that is what my science fair project is about I need help answering that question

Answer #3

Classical music will help them grow faster, as will good soil, nutrients, sunlight. I’m not sure how big of a difference it is, but classical music is also supposed to help stimulate the brain, so it might be worthwhile for two reasons to listen to it.

Answer #4

did this post? - A: plants actually are neutral to country music.. unlike attitudes about the music. If you listen to most country it is neutral in vibration.. soothing.. and found its roots “on the farm” - “growing plants” - 2. a room with more noise usually has more people. lights. and the chemicals needed for plant growth. 3. Classical music helps some people think more clearly because no lyrics are involved.. no excessory message is being thrown at the ear. instead .. a warm melodic background is there.. to “spirit” brain activity and or “eliminate” feelings of abandonment - and can be construed as elite or intellectual in nature from the start.

Answer #5

few fixes - and facts: country music - much like on the average person - did not kill the plant or help it thrive any faster.. it grew at a normal, uninterupted rate. If you find country offensive - then you find peple who like country offensive. - Most Countries vibrations are neutral - and come from farm lands - growing fields and country. 1. rooms with more nose usually have more people breathing , turning on lights and generating the synthesis for plants to grow faster. classical music Can help some think faster.. usually because there are no Lyrics introduced into the melody.. and so many can be generally warmed with its environmental sooth - but not overcome by vocalised influence.

Answer #6

yes it depends on what type of music though but symphony and classical and heavy metal is best now listen music sends vibrations and waves to the plant wich help them intake more CO2 alright remeber this heat water air and quality soil blwand fan or some sort on them to help strenthen the plant stem

Answer #7

Plants will grow quicker and healthier with classical music, as for country may cause the growth to fail, or grow slower. like “thedude” said it does help stimulate the brain, and thats a fact.

Answer #8

I did an experiment with my friends, same topic as your question, and rock music helped the plants grow faster compared to metal and country :)

Answer #9

yup people I did the expirement and it did work. infact, rock music does hinder a plants growth.;)

Answer #10

did this for school metal stuff like slipknto cannibal corpse and job for a cowboy worked the best. country like 102.5 (radio station) didtn effect at all. rock worked but not as mush as metal ( did stuff like red hot chili peppers, the used, red jump suit apperatis, and billy idol). also I tried mexican music (crazy stufff) and it killed it :P so ya I did that it was awsomeness :) -Abby Cooper

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