Does music make plants grow faster?

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yes it does.
I have proved this and I am a qualified scientist in bioligy and I happen to have a pasion for gardening.
but I've found that rock music works the best

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we always have the radio on in the kitchen day and night and the plants in he winowsill seem to thrive but that may be a comvination of the sunny location and steamy atmosphere. I lke to thinks it's a combination of all factors!

Can music make plants grow?

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since Plants got no ears you may be playing to a deaf stem. . . . . . . but if you play classical for your cattle they will produce more milk. . . . . .

plants and music
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they did this one mythbusters

it showed that hardcore scream music 27 7 makes them grow better

but talking nice or mean to them doesnt work

i dont no if its true but thats what they found out

Do plants grow faster with music?

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I've heard it does, but I've never tried it before myself.

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Indicates that classical music performs the best to help plants grow.


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Nope. . . . But if you play classical from your Milk cows they will produce more milk.

Does music help a plant grow

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I,m doing a science project on plants do you people have any advice.

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I beleive symphomy wrks best and proven the hugest cherry tomato plant produced over a thousand tomatos and grew like 30feet tall look it up

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