Pittbull aggression?

Do you believe pittbulls are aggressive/violent and why? Would you believe me if I told you that pittbulls are actually the victims?

  • pittbull lovers/owners, please share the facts with the world starting with this very web-site.
Answer #1

Thanks everyone for your comments. I brought this topic up because there seems to be a misunderstanding. Pittbull lovers (like myself) can get very mad about people being scared of something they don’t even understand.

I don’t feel I have to tell everyone about their history but I do want to say that they are the victims. We don’t have a choice to be black, white, asian, mexican, ect… They don’t have a choice either. They were NOT bred to be agressive, they were bred to be STRONG! They are very strong/powerful and determined at heart. They are resistant to pain and this is why people take advantage of them. They were bred for sports, not for killing people. It’s like saying, “you are black and less likely to get a sunburn so why don’t you go out to the cotton field and work b/c my white friend here is more likely to get skin cancer.” Because you have the sun-resistant skin, you are being used to work. A pitt who showed agression towards humans was viewed as untrained and was no longer qualified for “sports”. Proof: it wasn’t even their owners who handled them while they were in the “ring”.

I’ve had other breeds and I have to say, they’re all just alike. Even my Chihuahuas played bitting on eachother’s necks. I can’t tell you how many scars those chihuahuas put on the pitt but the pitt has never put a scratch on them. Like humans, they all have different personalities and you can’t just stereo-type them. People who are educated with this breed lets their 2 year olds pet and receive kisses from my pitt.

You believe pitts turn on their owners? It’s because the dog can’t talk and give you his side of the story. I’ve seen how people treat their “fighting” pitts. I think the attack on their owners were already wayyy over-due. Of course you hear that pitts bites their owners more than any other breeds. You won’t try to tease/teach your little poodle how to fight. If you teach your child how to curse, he will curse.

Plus, when you see a dog attack on the news and they put up a pittbull’s picture, MOST of the time it wasn’t even a pittbull attack. The news channels only put up a pitt’s picture to get attention. Research the facts and you’ll know. Too many pitts are being put into shelters and KILLED. They are the victims!

Answer #2

I am getting really annoyed with these dumb small minded people talking bad about pitbull terriers. I have owned a red devil pitbull for 14 years and I also have two of her puppies from birth. Firstly, there is no such thing as a mechanism which enables them to lock their jaw it is a myth. Next thing is they are the same as humans. If you breed ANY ANIMAL or human to be violent, then they will indeed be violent. My dogs have grown up with love and affection and their only goal is to look after my children and please me at every opportunity. Naturally these dogs wil excell at any task given to them which unfortunately includes fighting. The dogs that attack humans you can guarantee have been either bred for fighting or have been ill treated. The police are quick to ban pitbulls but why not man dobermanns who have a history of more murders than pits? Any why have they not done post mortems on pits? This would prove they are born with perfectly normal brains and do not have some fantasy cells which would make them any more tempremental than any other dog. Also I would like to make a comment on the recent death of a young girl in England. HER UNCLE WAS INVOLVED IN DOG FIGHTING!!! He was purposely breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fighting!!! So how do you think those dogs were kept? I will tell you, he was probably kept in a dark cupboard most of the day and tossed raw meat. Beated with metal rods at every opportunity, sliced with a knife to get him used to pain tied to a treatmill for hours on end and beaten if he tried to sit, trained with a sleeve that fits on a persons arm and told to totally tear it apart or get beaten, starved for days to encourage anger, tell me, how would you react to humans if you had an opportunity to be around a weak one for a second if you were treated this way? WAKE UP PEOPLE and do some research!!! Oh and just for the record, my neighbours son would be dead today if it were not for my dog who jumped in the sea to drag him out, its funny when I wrote to the papers about it they didnt want to know. The police need to take some responsibility and instead of destroying loving pets, go after the breeders that breed for fighting dogs, go after the organisers of dog fights and go after the owners that abuse their animals. But no its far easier for you to say its due to the animals nature huh!!

Answer #3

I posted this on another question about pits being agressive or dangerous or whatever… again it all boils down to IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY from people…

NO!!! Pitbulls are NOT dangerous… Ignorant, uneducated,people breed bad dogs along with ignorant uneducated people talking about pitbulls being bad. If you don’t own one you know NOTHING about them so stop talking about them. Pitbulls were used in WW1, they were used on 9/11/01 as search and rescue dogs, they are being used as police dogs in many places, the DEA has used them. If they are so bad why are government agencies using the? HUMMM? We have 5 pitbulls. They are the smartest, sweetest, most loyal and loving dogs we have ever had. PEOPLE make dogs bad. Pitbulls nor any dog is ‘born bad’ . Anybody can make ANY dog mean, bad or whatever you ignorant people want to call it. Become educated about the dog…

Average number of people killed in USA each year by…

Ciggeretts: 440,000 Cars:42,366 2nd hand smoke: 35,000 Guns:29,338 PIT BULLS: 3, yes ONLY THREE… What is really dangerous to us? What should REALLY be ban?

Answer #4

Ah…but the original Pitbulls WERE bred to be aggressive to dogs…the “Pit” in their name was for the pit that was used in “dog-fighting”…they were a cross of fighting bulldogs and terriers…

From the Pitbull history site:

“Selective breeding produced a bulldog with heightened dog-aggression, smaller size, and greater agility for performance in a pit that was decidedly smaller than the large areas that baits were typically held in. Hardy, scrappy sporting terriers were crossed into some of the fighting bulldogs to further enhance these traits. The crosses were called bull-and-terriers, half-and-halfs, and pit terriers. It is considered general knowledge that these crosses were the first Pit Bulls, however there is some speculation as to whether or not the history of these crosses is that of our Pit Bulls, or rather a history “borrowed” from the Bull Terrier, which is a documented bulldog/terrier fighting dog cross. Some students of Pit Bull history believe that the Pit Bull is practically a living replica of the old-time bulldog, and that during this time the bulldog was refined as a fighting dog, as is, without any crossbreeding.”


Answer #5

I’m so very sorry you lost your old dog…that must have been very painful…I can imagine how helpless you must have felt…I’d have a hard time with that myself.

The best Pitbulls can be aggressive with dogs…that’s what they were bred to do, and it’s in their genes (tho many are not fighters)…They can also be “taught” to leave (ignore) other dogs…The best Pitbull should NEVER be aggressive with people…that’s in their genes, also…That being said…

…it’s only in the last 20 years or so that Pitbulls have become the “problem dog”…partly it’s due to the vast numbers of them, lots of mistaken identity, enormous amounts of press…and the fact that many are owned by people who aren’t exactly the “cream of the crop” in society…people who like them simply to use them to intimidate people like you and me. In the past…Bloodhounds and Huskies were the “problem” (around 1900)…we all remember when Dobermans were the “bad dog”…German Shepherds have had their problems, and, during their hayday, Cocker Spanials were known for biting…

In the old days, the goal was to have a Pit who would fight dogs, but if it ever showed aggression towards people…it would be put down…I hate the very idea of dog-fighting, but this was a different time and place, oh so many many years ago.

Nowadays, on the streets…the meanest is bred to the meanest…not for any good reason, other than illegal activities…They don’t care about the breed, or what it’s supposed to be.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the police don’t use them? Afterall, they’re bright, energetic, and willing…Police, tho, get their dogs from the best breeders…dogs that fit their breed standard to a tee (German Shepherds, Rotties, Boxers, Malinois)…but a Pitbull who’s well bred, would no more chase down a suspect than fly to the moon…he might however, take on one of the other police dogs…and that wouldn’t be good either…


Answer #6

I have a pitbull and he is the sweetest thing in the world. you can kiss him turn his head pull him. hes 5 an he has never growled. he loves the dog park and playing with other dogs. I had a poodle who was very mean

Answer #7


That’s probably one out of 10 articles that say that. Thanks for putting that out. It proves that Pittbulls ARE THE VICTIMS. They can’t help that they have special strengths.

Overall, I believe it depends on who their owners are. Just b/c they’re Pittbulls doesn’t mean they “kill” for fun. It’s like saying that Labadors were bred to be loving family dogs. Even Labadors attack humans. They all have their own personalities and they all have different owners. Pittbulls are just like any other dog. They want to be loved and taken care of and that’s exactly what they deserve!

Answer #8

I am not saying that all pittbulls are violent but I had a medium sized dog named Toby who we let out every morning to go to the bathroom. He never left the yard just ran out did his thing and came right back and jumped on the dooor. We let him out and I went and woke my husband up and went back to the door to let him in and when I opened it he was not there. So I called him for a while and then decided to check the back door. When I look out the neighbors pittbull has my dog by the throat and is ripping in to him. The dog finally runs off after we throw stuff and yell but Tobey’s throat is ripped open and the vet advises us to put him down. She says she can do surgery but he will never be able to turn his head side to side and woud need one of his front legs taken off. She did not think he would even make it through because of Tobey being so old. That pittbull was very agressive and it went straight to the throat to kill. I just would not feel safe with a child around them but everyone has their thoughts on them so I know people will disagree with me.

Answer #9

Honestly I don’t believe that their aggressive or harmful. I grew up around them. Pitbulls are only violent if that’s how their raised. And I think that whole Ban on them is BS.

Answer #10

I personally dont believe Pittbulls are aggressive or violent…I dont own my own pittbull but I have family members and lots of friends who do and none of them are violent or agressive. Pittbulls are one of the strongest and muscular dogs. They are skilled for hunting and killing game, with their agility and strong jaw…with these characteristics, people have found that they are also good to teach to be aggressive. If someone trains their pittbull to be aggressive than its their fault, because their dog only wants to please the master…therefore seeming violent…I love dogs…ALL DOGS…and I think its a pity when someone chooses to ruin them

Answer #11

I think lots of diferent dogs can be violent if neglected or pestered.

Answer #12

well truthfully pit bulls were bred to be a violent fighting dog but if you treat them with care and love their really nice loyal dogs

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