Why are people prejudiced against Pit Bulls?

I feel people are racist against pit bulls why do people not realize why some of the reasons pit bulls have a bad temper is because of abuse I feel these dogs are very sensitive to being hit if you hit them in a way that they feel you are going to do serious damage to them what would you do umm self defense don’t be a retard and think that they are viscous monsters because of something we are responsible for don’t bother denying it its true o and the people that think they are going to get these amazing dogs to be destroyed that is a disgusting wish you think your going to be blessed by god I think not

Answer #1

Nuclearwinter…NO particular breed is more inclined “to turn” on it’s handler…in the 60’s and 70’s it was Dobermans who were rumored “to turn”…but between 1965 and 2001, the reality is, there were two fatal attacks by Dobes.

Study up, folks…Pitbulls are victims of our society…The VAST majority are owned by 3 sections of our society…Drug dealers…People who raise them to fight for profit…and Gangs, who use them to itimidate other gangs and us! The free puppy you pick up is product of these animals…It’s a rare Pit who’s owned by someone who loves the breed, and understands it’s traits.

Pits never had a rep until the last 20 years…Police don’t use them, because they’d be purchasing the well bred dogs…and well bred Pits don’t attack people, making them virtually useless compared to a GSD or Malinois…When Dog Fighting was legal (GOD forbid)…but it was at one time…a Pit who attacked a person was put down, and only dogs who were “people friendly”/“dog aggressive” were bred. I might lead a sheltered life in Montana, but I haven’t always been here…and I have YET to see a mean Pitbull.

The press doesn’t help their cause, either…


Answer #2

I know I mean I dont get it, I want a pitbull sooobad but my dog was attacked by other dogs before we got her (she was 3mnths old when we got her) and she isnt that nice to any dog except my neighbors rescued dog big fat nick lol hes fat but sweet, so sweet, anyhow, I work at a shelter and I was talking about how sweet this pit that I REALLY wanted and these people that were interested in him said so what breed is he? and I said a Pitbull and they looked at me then took a lot of steps backward and I said so whyd you take a step back? and they said well we have a litle kid and we dont that dog which dog to me really bad and I said, uh excuse me? but THAT DOG happens to have a name if you hadnt noticed, and by the way he passed al of his temprement tests with flying colors. although he was used as bait but hes not dog agressive thank god!!! it made me really mad!!! so to answer your question, im not sure why people are prejudice to pitbulls?

Answer #3

well I got news for all you pit bull hatten people I have four pits and my oldest is the best he would never hurt anyone ever he may not like other male dogs but that is normal with and dogs my dog lets the kid ride on his back like a horse and do what ever they want to do to him .just like most of the people say on here they are the greatest dogs ever and ya any dog can turn on u .even a jack russel terrier can turn on you or a child and if it bites in the right spot can kill it dont matter what kind of dog it is.have any of you people that hate on them ever had one? they are great and I dont think that any dog breed should be killed out .OH ya when I first got my First PITBULL my grandfather was like nope no pits in my house but after my puppy got older and he got to know my dog he loves him pys for everything for him and spends a grip of money on his dog food all the time . he says he needs the best of everything

Answer #4

Why are people racist or predjudice againist pit bulls? One answer only IGNORANCE and stupidity!!! Just like with any other racisim or predjudice. Oh and somebody said something about jaw power thing… that is all total LIES and once again ignorance and stupidity. Do your research it is NOT 1200 pounds of pressure, more like 300 MAX I believe was actually documented in a study. All the same with all the ignornace and stupidity… Along those lines too: No canine has a locking jaw - it is a physical impossibility for dogs.

Here is more info for all the ignornant, racist, predjudice people out there: 440,000 people are killed by ciggeretts each year 42,366 killed by cars 35,000 killed by second hand smoke 29,338 by guns and only 3 yes THREE by pit bulls!!!
Yes one is to much… but again it is NOT the dog that is the problem it is OWNERS… the statics show that OTHER types of dogs kill more people than Pits… but most “other” types of dog bites, attacks or killings are NOT reported. PLUS: There are 25+ breeds that are commonly wrongly identified as pit bulls! THE REAL REASON FOR THE BAD RAP FOR PIT BULLS IS IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY!

Answer #5

Okay. the reason why pitbulls are not considered the best of pets, is NOT beacuse they are ugly, or loud. But it because they often turn on the owner. One day, it will be sweet, calm and friendly, and the very next day it could out of the blue just start snarling at you and attack you. They are the moodiest of dogs, and unless you know a lot about them, its not such a good idea to have one.

I hope this helps. =]

Answer #6

A pitbull has never turned on it’s owner? A pitbull puppy is not violent. People make a Pitbull a violent dog. I have seen these dogs chained. No dog should ever be chained for any lenght of time.

It is the people that own these dogs that make them violent not the dog. Don’t get me wrong this dog with the right owner is a great pet. But with the wrong person of course it is like any other dog it can be made into something mean.

I recently rescued a Bischon Puppy that was 3 months old from a over stocked breeder that was going to kill about 30 of these dogs. This puppy chewed my husbands hands up like a chain saw the first couple of times he tried to reach for him. This puppy had never been handled and had only lived in a cage.

Anyway he is now a loving sweet little guy, a little goofy about how he does things but no longer a Chain Saw.

Point in the above story, any dog can be a vicious animal in the hands of the wrong people.

People are stupid not the Dog.

Answer #7

oh yeah I almost forgot PHRANNIE your cool…and just a little side note a lot of police departments DO use pits as their k-9s

Answer #8

I have a Pit who is 8 years old and my boy is 1 and a half, he pulls his ears and lays all over him and Zeek don’t mind a bit . If you read the statistics the most dog bites are Labs, Cocker Spaniels and Dalmations I do believe. Pittbulls are bad because when they bite there jaws can lock and is almost impossible to get them off other breeds jaw bones are different why I don’t know. Simple fact is all in how you raise your dog my Pit is afraid of everything he’s is a wimp, but is 80 pound’s of solid muscle and people are scared of him beacause of his breed and it’s getting old hearing people say he’s going to turn on you for those people get one there great pet’s very loyal and beautiful dogs.

Answer #9

It has happened time after time after time. Someones pit bull pet hurt a kid. They alway say my dog isn’t mean, That why people are prejudice against them. I’m sure all of them are not bad. But you just never know what is going to set them off. It happens all the time.

Answer #10

I used to feel that pitbulls could be and were loving dogs. That they were only catagorized as mean and vicous. That changed a couple of days ago though. My cousin was walking my pug down a friendly neighborhood street, with children running around. There was no beware of dog sign yet they had a dangerous dog that ran lose. Needless to say he ran out of the house and attacked my dog, and this wasnt the first time he attacked a dog. What if its a child next time? The owner claims him to be a nice dog. Miracoulsey my dog is alive, his side is torn up though and we have hundred of dollars in vet bills. I dont think that pittbulls are proper pets, they can change its in there blood to be attack dogs.

Sorry about the bad spelling

Answer #11

I used to feel that pitbulls could be and were loving dogs. That they were only catagorized as mean and vicous. That changed a couple of days ago though. My cousin was walking my pug down a friendly neighborhood street, with children running around. There was no beware of dog sign yet they had a dangerous dog that ran lose. Needless to say he ran out of the house and attacked my dog, and this wasnt the first time he attacked a dog. What if its a child next time? The owner claims him to be a nice dog. Miracoulsey my dog is alive, his side is torn up though and we have hundred of dollars in vet bills. I dont think that pittbulls are proper pets, they can change its in there blood to be attack dogs.

Sorry about the bad spelling

Thank You, a concerned pet owner.

Answer #12

I sometimes think the best thing to do is put an end to the breed. Unfortunately, these dogs attract the last humans on earth who should be owning a dog…incompetent, irresponsible losers.

Answer #13

People dont realise if youtreat a pit bul bad he will act bad. My parents had a pit when I was born and He passed away when I was 13. I never was attacked. He was raised with love.

Answer #14

because pitbulls are ugly, and evil, and loud, and I dont like animals, but if you insist, I really dont know, and it is not the dog,it is the people who raise the dog. :]

Answer #15

Dear nuclearwinter,

The reason why Pitbulls turn on their owner is because either they have been abused by a previous owner or they are being abused. /There’s a reason for everything. :)


Answer #16

Many “vicious breeds” have actually had their “vicious” genes bred out of them! Not all but many like dobermans and rotts. On the other hand, cocker spaniels have been so over bred they and high strung and nippy! When judging these animals you really need to know the breeding history and the individuals temperment. Also, all dogs will nip their young in the face to scold them, that is why many childeren are bit in the face. PS… Boys age 5-9 are most likely to be bit by a dog!

Answer #17

Some people are just like that because when they think pitbull …A dangerous dog by the way its been Mistreated…If you treat the dog with Respect and care for the pitbull everything will be fine…U wont have any problems with the pit bull I get annoyed when people say that PIt bulls are evil and they hate them…I am a animal Lover

Answer #18

I have 3 english bull terriers, Like pitbulls, they are were sometimes used as fighting dogs =’[ (BY VERY HORRID PEOPLE OF COURSE grrr..) We get a lot of stick from people about them too but my dogs have never harmed anybody. I also have a bichon frese, which is a small fluffy dog, and they get on fine. I think people jump to conclusions and decide that our dogs were born to kill… if you get what I mean.

Answer #19

I have also posted a question about this, people misjudge pits because of how many people they see on the news that have trained them to be fighters, however, I have to disagree with nuclearwinter because anydog can turn on its owner, and anydog can be sweet one minute and harmful the next, it doesnt mean that a pitbull is horrible or nasty…

I hate people that judge a dog by the media attention they get..

Answer #20

big scary dogs

Answer #21

Whiskey - my thoughts exactly

Answer #22

I don’t know. Pit bulls are nice and I like pit bulls and they are cool!:)

Answer #23

great answer phrannie. once again, you hit the nail on the head. remember all of america LOVED petey the dog (a pit bull) on the little rascals.

Answer #24

wee dont like emm end off

Answer #25

Nuclearwinter, your an idiot…people dont like pits for the same reason they dont gays, blacks, arabs, and midgets…people fear what they dont understand…have the people who dont like pits have never owned one, been bitten by one, or hell even really knows what the name “pitbull” means…so just like PHRANNIE said study up folks then start talkin.

Answer #26

I Own 2 Pitbulls And They Are Not All Mean!! I Do Not Think Because Of There Name They Should Be Put To Death!!! There Are 20 known Breeds That get Mistaken For Pitbull terriers!! So Think About That Not All The Attcks out there Are From Pitbulls!! I Wouldnt Trade My Pits For Anything!! People Need To Understand there are Only bad owners not bad dogs

Answer #27

I’m a dog expert. To understand why pitbulls are dangerous, you have to understand gameness, and fight drive. Pitbulls were bred to fight in pits, ignoring pain and injury, and having so much fight drive, and what is called relentlessness, that they would continue fighting even when terribly injured. They were also bred with extremely strong jaws, that can break bones, to fight bulls. They still LOOK like Pitbulls because that’s the way they were bred…They still ACT like Pitbulls for the same reason…so people need to take their heads out of the sand. Their “gameness” or being able to tolerate and ignore pain, makes them SEEM like great kids dogs, because they don’t react to kids pulling their ears or jumping on them. However, if they are triggered to fight…to protect a bone, or treat, or over dominance or territory, or a female , or whatever…they are capable of killing and mauling terribly…and can’t be stopped short of death or physical over powering. They aren’t the best protection, because they have less guarding instinct , than many other breeds..making them SEEM sweet. They just weren’t bred to “protect”. Or to obey and work as a team, like German Shepherds and Dobermanns. They are sometimes abused to make them want to attack and fight people for just “intruding” ..or on command. They were bred to fight , to the death, despite injuries and pain. And if instinct takes over, they are killing machines like a shark. We should not own pitbulls, especially in families with children, for the same reason that we aren’t allowed to own tigers. Ask Sigfried and Roy …the tamest pet tiger, very loving and affectionate…did GREAT damage in a moment of instinct. Pitbulls maul and kill more people than other dogs… other dogs bite more often..but it’s usually just a nip and quit…because they aren’t as game..and if you fight back or even scream, they’ll back off and protect themselves…because they aren’t “game”. They don’t want pain or injurys. Pitbulls don’t back off. There should be laws requiring iron fencing, and combination locks. People who allow them to get lose and hunt people, or pets, should be sued to the max and jailed. German Shepherds are being raised for Schutzhund and Police work with more relentlessness, and gameness…also called “resistance to training”…meaning you can punish them and they won’t want to quit… making them less appropriate and less trustworthy as pets for families also.

Answer #28

Dear animalsneedlove11,

I think the reason Pitbulls are victim of predjudice is because of their slightly stand-offish appearance. People have records of Pitbulls being things like gaurd dogs, so they are scared of them. Now having this preadator/prey relationship, predjudice forms, it’s sad, but I believe it to be true. I find pitbulls very cute :).


Answer #29

PS…it only takes one bite in one artery to have a “fatal attack”…a person can bleed out in 3 minutes, a child or baby in less time. A Pitbull’s bite is something like 1200 psi (pounds per square inch)…In short, and Pit who “snaps” at a child, could easily kill that child…a “snppy” Jack Russell Terrier, couldn’t (tho their dispositions are much worse than a Pitbulls).


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