Do you believe pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive by nature?

Some people believe pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive by nature, while others believe it depends entirely on how they’re raised and trained. What do you think?

Answer #1

No. I don’t. I think that it’s not the breed it’s the owners. Every dog, regardless of breed, can attack or sadly, kill people if they are not raised properly. There are plenty of cases where smaller breeds have attacked and inflicted serious injuries on humans. The only thing about the Pitball is that it has a much stronger, more muscular build, so has the POTENTIAL to inflict serious injuries upon someone if it is raised poorly. People have exploited the breed because of this, and so it has been wrongly labelled as a ‘killer’, and has a bad reputation. Plenty of pitfalls are very gentle, loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the breed needs is a responsible owner, who has experience with dogs and is able to raise the dog appropriately.

Answer #2

Pitbulls also have a really strong bite, their jaw actually locks when they bite- which is why they are used as fighting dogs

Answer #3

Nooo, about a month ago my brother asked my mom if he could take home one of the pitbull puppies his friend had. She said absolutely NOT! Of course my brother brought her home anyways, and my sister and I fell in love with her. We talked my mom into letting us keep her even though my mom didn’t think it was a good idea to get a dog, let alone a pitbull. But we found she is not what pitbulls are made out to be at all! Of course she gets wound up like regular puppies, and when she playfully nips at people, it might actually hurt a little bit- but Nala would never hurt anybody on purpose! She’s actually very calm for a puppy! So no, I don’t think all pitbulls are dangerous and aggresive by nature

Answer #4

No, they are completely misunderstood animals. They are not agressive or mean by nature and are not born that way. The reason they are used in fighting and have a bad reputation is because of their incredibly strong muscle build and their strong jaws. Do they have the potential to be dangerous, yes, if they are raised that way. Ive owned and fostered many pitbulls, some as puppies and some as full grown pits. I have never had a problem with any of them and never seen single one be aggresive. We also had a pit when my son was born and he was gentle and sweet as could be around Noah. They can be huge lap dogs and babies when shown the love and care they deserve. They are only dangerous when idiots train them to be that way.

Answer #5

In every breed there are dogs that can not be controlled by even the best trainer. When one of these dogs is a large powerful breed it can be dangerous. Sadly there are dogs that have to be put down because they are dangerous and some pit bulls fall into this category. While Pit Bull fans maintain that Pitt Bulls are no more aggressive than other breeds they do seem to have been breed to be more aggressive, probably due to their history as fighting dogs.

There are also dogs that are dangerous because they have been abused or they are even trained to attack.

It can be either one. A bad dog or a bad owner.

Answer #6

No, absolutely not. I strongly believe there is no bad dogs, just bad owners. I read a government report a few weeks ago over dog attacks on people leading to death here in Canada over the last 50 years and out of all the attacks only one was a pitbull cross (there wasn’t a single pure pitbull). The large majority were actually husky type dogs. Pit Bulls are banned here in Canada (Or surronded by so many laws they are very hard to own) and our government ignored multiple experts and the Canadian Kennel club telling them Pit Bull were no more danger to people than any other dog. There is a far better chance someone will get bit by a German Shepherd than a PitBull. It makes me sad that this beautiful breed is being picked up by ignornant people. Pitbulls are not always the best with other dogs (Like most terriers) but are no more a threat than any other dog, if rasied with love, training and proper socialization.

Answer #7

the thing is, you could of asked the question, “ do you think akitas/staffs/rottweilers are aggressive” too. Every dog has the potential to be aggressive and alot are misunderstood and have bad reputions but they only have this because of what people hear in the press. There is never a bad dog, just a bad owner and it is through dog fighting etc that makes them so aggressive. It’s true that because of selective breeding certain breeds like pit bulls are naturally more inclined to be aggressive yet i believe that with hard work and an owner that will put the time and effort in, this dog can be conditioned not to be this way.

Answer #8

not at all! i’ve had a pitbull and we just raised him to be sweet. although they’re very over-protective, you can teach them to be calm. it all depends on the trainer.

Answer #9

It all depends on how your raise a dog. Pitt bulls are seen as more dangerous because people buy them as fighting dogs. I think it is unfair to label a breed and it makes it so much more difficult to find homes to potentially great dogs.

Answer #10

NO NO NO. I have a pitbull and she is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She has never done anything aggressive towards me or anyone else. She sleeps with our kittens and has never done anything to hurt them. She’s super friendly and playful too.

Answer #11

Pitbulls are not dangerous animals, the only reason the are known to be dangerous is because of the media and poor owners. I have meet many different kinds of pitbulls through-out my life, and I have seen only one aggressive one. The only reason the pitbull was aggressive, was the owner. the owner was a bad person and didn’t treat the dog right.

Answer #12

Given that even some humans through some sort of mix of genetics and environment tend to more aggressive, more impulsive, etc. I dont think it is far fetched to see how animals that have been bred to have those particular characteristics can have more of a tendency towards that. Does that mean nature is the only important thing in how the dog turns out, no. But it can’t be discounted. I dont know enough about the genetics of animals to be able to say either way, but I wouldnt be surprised that they do have that tendency. People are arguing about nature vs. nurture here and very often the answer is neither.

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