Why do people live in areas known for natural disasters then complain when they happen?

Answer #1

Because they like the area and they hope they’ll get lucky that when a natural disaster happens it won’t be as bad as previous ones.

Answer #2

ok i live in an area of tornado’s and when they happen i don’t complain. this is where i live i choose to be here.

Answer #3

Some people may complain because they might not know how much destruction the natural disaster could cause. although people may still live there because they have family/friends, memories ect or may live in an area where they have natural disasters every 100 years or so.

Answer #4

because what they do is the reasons of the disasters

Answer #5

I’ve thought the same about this, like why live somewhere when everything you own could be destoyed in an instance… Then your homless…

Answer #6

My mom has a static caravan somewhere in the north of England and it always gets washed away by some sort of flood and she keeps it because it’s in a nice place and when i say nice i’m talking SAS like security.

She can only get insurance on the caravan if she has these special things installed that make it float and she now has them even though the insurance don’t pay much. As i said, it’s a nice place.

Take no notice i’m just rambling.

Answer #7

I agree. If someone knowingly know the area they are moving in or thinking of moving in is prone to natural disasters, like floods, fire etc, then they should not complain when something does happen. Or if they book a holiday knowing the country they are going to visit has been declare as being “unsafe” they shouldn’t expect the government back at home to rescue them urgently…. I get annoyed when I hear homeowners complaining they cannot get a good night sleep because they can hear planes flying overhead and want the government to change the aviation route. My thinking is “why the hell would you purchase a home there when you know the suburb is directly under the flight routes for all planes leaving and arriving into the city”??. People these days need to take responsibility and accountability for their own action and decision making and stop blaming others for their silly error of judgement.

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