Is living in an apartment an embarassment?

Hey I live in an apartment with my mom And there aren’t many buildings in my neighbourhood.. In fact his is the only building in my whole region All the rest of the people live in gigantic three garage houses Including all the people in my high school I feel so left out and poor. I don’t want anyone to come over! Please help…is living in an apartment something to be superbly ashamed of? How can I overcome my embarassment?

Answer #1

I’ve lived in apartments my whole life until I moved out! Definitely nothing to be ashamed about, if you comfortable in your home then who cares what anybody thinks?

Answer #2

Dont ever feel ashamed because you have less, no-one is any better than you and people respect you for knowing it. Im sure if you go in some of these 3 garage mansions you will find you have to take your shoes off, theres no nice snacks and that they are very unwelcoming homes. Also it sounds like youre lucky enough to live in a rich area so you arent surrounded by other apartments exactly like yours… that would be worse! I stay with a friend while I dont have a home!

Answer #3

I live in subsudized housing and live in an apartment with seniors or those with disabilities like myself. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. As long as it’s your home, there shouldn’t be anything to be ashamed of. In fact, this is my first apartment and it’s my home! I don’t feel ashamed to live in a apartment. When people come over, they don’t mind coming over to apartments. I have people come over that live in houses and they like my apartment. You shouldn’t be ashamed about living in a apartment as long as you feel at home in it.

Answer #4

no not at all

Answer #5

No, of course not

Answer #6

No an apartment is sometimes A good thing.Some apartments are considered town houses.I definetaly would not be ashamed. Its your home.

Answer #7

seriously you care that much??? Your home is your home. never let anyone degrade that. hell at least you have a home. im typing on a computer in a library. my home is a refridgerator box.

Answer #8

I live on my own it’s a big one bed one bath apartment it’s way better than livin with my mom though the pool is always loud if you take a nap you’ll have to listen to loud roudy kids mines next to the pool so it’s annoying between 10 am and 10 pm takes getting use to

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