What do you think of people that eat with there mouth ope?

I can’t stand it, this is why it do not go to the theater, don’t much care for going out to eat, or do things where there may be people eating around me.

Answer #1

ope = open

Answer #2

I be honest it neither bothers me, nor does it particularly catch my attention if people do it, ….. . ….. any more than people who talk, or yawn, or express a sense of shock & disbelief, with their mouths open. . It is merely one of those social niceties that you have either been brought up to uphold by habit (as you and I do) or you haven’t.
. There are many more important things to worry about in life than social niceties. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #3

number one…i ll have to assume that person will be having some fart sessions later!! number two.. i dont mind it much…just dont talk too much coz u ll be spitting it out on it!!! ^^ no 3…i d think he s def enjoyin what he s eatin!!! no 4.. i lotta people do it!!! shrugs

Answer #4

I think it’s over all disgusting, especially if they talk while they do it.

Answer #5

O’ I hate it when they try to talk, I really don’t like looking at your food in its first stage of digestion.

Answer #6

I think it is very animal like and not classy.

Answer #7

Well I can say, I am not a classy person, but this is where I draw the line. Really don’t like watching you spray food all over the place.

Answer #8

Depends on where they do it. I mean in an expensive restaurant it would seem inappropriate on a anarchism-club bbq people might believe you to be weird if you don’t…

Answer #9

I don’t care where they do it as long as I am not around them doing it.

Answer #10

i think its annoying and they have consideration for others around them because they have to see all chewing process

Answer #11

If it’s obnoxiously loud, I probably would care…but It reminds me of my younger years. It’s a child characteristic, in my opinion. I suppose that helps me not to care about it.

Answer #12

It is nasty and disrespectful. They should try to cover thier mouth if they have somthing to say. Or wait till they are done eating.

Answer #13


Answer #14

Yes, I hate it when people do it, I think it was how I was raised, but if I did this around my mom, I would get a smack in the back of my head.

Answer #15

One day I had to leave the table when on of my friend’s friend did it. I could even hear the sound of his mouth. UUGHGHGH!!!!

Answer #16


Answer #17

Yes, this is why I avoid it, it drives my nuts, this is also why there is only one place you can eat in my house and that is the dining room. My kids do not smack, but I would rather them not eat next to me, unless we are sitting down to a meal. Maybe this is wrong of me, but I am the way I am.

Answer #18

However Chris, this is also as the way I am. I am a bit sensitive about sound. I can not stand the sound of two metal or sterofoam scratching each other too. (I have got DEJAVU when I was writing this )

Answer #19

( My De Ja Vu said: I was about to write something like, there is no need for you to worry about it as long as people around you do not mind. And you were telling me that it is the reltives and friends that you are concerned)

Answer #20

i think its really gross

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