Why do people get confirmed into the catholic church?

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Family tradition, maybe.

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Because they believe (and wish to openly declare that belief) in the various Articles of Faith contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Confirmation is one of the Sacraments of the Church, and has just as much (or as little) meaning as marriage - Holy Matrimony being one of the other Sacraments.

In principle, this should be a matter of personal decision, faith and conviction, though in practice I am sure that SHBTMetal is correct in suggesting that it is frequently mainly family tradition.

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I had my First Confirmation a couple years ago when i was in 7th grade... and it was alright... now i can drink a sip of whine and have the Eucharist when we are done with our prayers in church

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Because a Catholic is usually baptised not long after birth. Baptism is becoming a member of the church, however as a baby, you do not make the decision, your parents do. When you are older, usually around 12, but older if you prefer (whenever you like really!) you can confirm this by making the vows yourself if you choose to.

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yah me and my twin..were baptized when i was a couple months old...

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Yo Fun. Boy that may have been "First Communion" - you take Communion many times, but you are only Confirmed once in your life as far as I know.

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yeah thats what i meant .... i meant to say i had my first communion a couple yeas ago

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i did have my confirmation.. but i meant to say is that now... after i did my confirmation i can drink the whine.. which is different.. but i needed to do my confirmation first...

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Cool - you have a twin - does he/she post to FunAdvice as well ?

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