Rules for divorce cases by catholic churches?

Can anyone let me know wht are the rules for divorce cases by catholic churches. Do they grant divorce if both partners are willing ? I heard they dont ? How long before they do finally grant the divorce?

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umm I am only 14 so I don't know but my parents got divorced and im pretty sure as long as one member wants the divorce they can grant it but im no tsure! just letting you no that smebody has read your question and attempted to answer it lol

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I dont think they grant divorces, only annulments...

This site explains it further

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There are no divorces in the catholic church. One can ask for an annulment, if there are grounds. It will only be granted for situations like abandonment, or one partner refusing to have children. Of course if you have money, you can get one even if you have many kids. I think Frank Sinatra got a couple of them.

Getting a divorce and remarrying means you are excommunicated from the church. You can murder someone and ask for forgiveness and you have to be granted it. But make the wrong choice about who you will spend the rest of your life with, and you are kicked out.

Just another example of religious hypocrisy...

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