Why do you think people have beautiful gardens rather than functional ones?

I notice in the world (especially in my country) that people will spend tons of time and money to have these beautiful gardens with all the nice trees and flowers, yet they won’t be able to use any of that to sustain themselves.My boyfriend and I started a garden based on some permaculture principles and ever since then I have been wondering why it is that people will rather have pretty flowers than great tasting food growing in their garden? Any opinions or ideas?

Answer #1

Well where I live people will come and steal the things u r growin, u must have a privacy fence so no one can see what veggies or wat not that u may b growin, people around here r less likely to steal the flowers that r being grown :-)

Answer #2

Ok I understand. That’s an interesting viewpoint. But does it really matter if they steal what nature provides? Don’t you think that it would be better to in any ways have the sustainable garden even though people steal?

Answer #3

Oh and thanks for your answer.

Answer #4

A few possible reasons:

[1] Curb Appeal: They are more focused on making their property look nice for the neighbors… possibly for bragging rights. :-)

[2] It’s a Hobby: Many people enjoy gardening. They like the smell of the flowers, and how beautiful it all looks… as well as knowing that all of it was done by them.

[3] Laziness: Perhaps some people are just lazy, and would rather get their produce from the store, rather than growing it themselves.

Answer #5

Well I don’t mind to share the things I grow, but I do have 2 dogs that will bit and I wud rather have someone ask for the things rather than steal them, I had a prob with that, so I put a sign up sayin if they wud like some to ask for them not to steal them. And your very welcome :-)

Answer #6

Because we live in a world where everybody loves to show off in any way they possibly can. ‘Oh, look at my garden! Isn’t is just beautiful!’ is a much more compelling argument than ‘Oh look at my garden, isn’t is just edible!’ Haha. Although having an edible garden is so much more practical, most people will choose pretty over purpose. It’s actually proven that when buying things (like cars and cellphones) women will almost 100% of the time go for the prettier, hotter, cooler one. Whereas men will pro and con over functions and buy the most functional one (it doesn’t matter whether they actually need the functions or not…). I guess what I am trying to say, is who is primarily in charge of gardening? The woman! Go figure- most women would rather have a rose bush than an apple tree. But you’ll be having the last laugh when they are off buying groceries and you just have to pop outside for a second to fill your pantry.

Answer #7

Interesting.lol. In my culture it is the men who do the gardening, the woman hardly takes part in it. But thanks :)

Answer #8

Oh wow really? That’s interesting. Over here in NZ and Australia it’s 90% women!! Like, the men chop trees and stuff but that’s the extent of it. It’s women-all-the-way!

Answer #9

Yes, really. I don’t know of any women overhere who does the gardening. It’s all the men. My father and my grandfather made both of their gardens and so do most other men. It’s like the garden is the man’s place and the kitchen the woman’s (in very broad terms)

Answer #10

Food is relatively cheap. Flowers from a Florists Shop are relatively expensive. My front garden typically has the equivalent of at least ten times the monetary value of flowers in full bloom for most of the year, compared to the total value of vegetables that I could harvest from it within the whole year, ….. . ….. and that does not even include the Shrubs that must be worth considerably more than all the annuals, herbaceous, perennials, and bedding plants put together. . Plus the life enhancing effect of a beautiful garden is worth more than money can buy in my opinion. . Having said that, my back garden has a fairly wide range of harvestable crops including ….. . two apple trees, a cherry tree, blackcurrent and redcurrant bushes, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, and a range of culinary herbs including thyme, coriander, herb-fennel, and bay. Also three vegetable beds that produce a modest output (mainly because I frequently plant them up with flower seedlings to transplant into the front and side gardens, instead of vegetables (which are dirt cheap in the shops anyway). .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #11

Who says beauty isn’t functional?

Answer #12

They are spoiling their eyes. Like having the satisfaction from what they see instead of from what they eat :-D

Answer #13

Interesting way of putting it

Answer #14

Do you mean that fruit and vegetables can also be beautiful? I agree fully. I also agree that a beautiful garden can be functional, but growing food is mroe functional. Curious as to what you mean with this.

Answer #15

I think he means to imply that beauty has a valuable functional attribute in its own right, and if so, I agree with him. . Personally, I think life would not be worth living if the purpose of my existence was merely to survive by eating drinking and breathing. . I work hard to maintain the beautiful aspects of my life by creating beautiful vistas, aromas and sounds in my home and gardens, and although I value the edible returns of my gardens . (particularly the summer and autumn fruits, and continually available flavour enhancing herbs that I grow), . ….. I value the functionality of its inedible features far more highly. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #16

Irene, while I certainly agree with you that fruits and vegetables have their own beauty, I meant my comment it in exactly the sense Majikthise described. I find the fragrances of our flower garden and some of our flowering trees and shrubs especially “sustaining.”

Answer #17

I’d really have a functional one becauseit word be so much more fun, my garden at home is both functional and beautiful.

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