What do people think of Real Estate Agents?

I am in Real Estate proffession I would like to know What people think of Real Estate Agents

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The experiences I’ve had with real estate agents are generally not impressive. As a buyer, the general observation is that they simply do not pay attention to anything you say. They’ll waste endless hours of your time showing you houses that don’t meet the basic specs you told them you were interested in. In the end, you end up doing the leg work yourself.

As a seller, most of them don’t seem to do anything other than a brief walkthrough to tell you everything you need to fix, and then put it on MLS. I’m paying you 3% for that!?

I’m sure there are some great ones out there, but the profession seems so riddled with bad ones that you all end up with a black eye.

Answer #2

bend over potential buyer. lol, na there ok. everyonr needs a job

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I put real estate agents in the same category as insurance and car salesmen. I have used 4 agents in my life, 4 reputable ones – and had to do most of the work myself whether I was buying or selling.

But I think salespeople in general are not trusted. That’s tough to change because of the nature of their business. It’s to get top dollar. NOT to give you what you really want or need. That;s secondary.

Answer #5

rraja, it’s a job, one that is trying to sell a house for a client.

Question back at you. What is your opinion of a Buyer’s Agent?

Answer #6

Job is a job , if it is Real Estate Agents or Company Director.

Answer #7

Rich people who have big mansions all over the world

Answer #8

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Answer #9

I actually believe that in this time Property investment became a great business. So, a real estate broker is indeed a very helpful for them who looking forward for a property investment.

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