What time of day do you usually water your garden?

I have a rather large vegetable garden and usually water mine right after the sun goes down, but i’ve heard people say it’s best to do at the very begining of the day. What is your opinion on the best time of day to water a garden?

Answer #1

I don’t have a garden, but my mom usually turns the sprinklers on to keep the grass healthy in the morning, like right before the sun is all the way up. Then later in the evening, I turn it on (at times) before the sun sets to do down.

It’s still healthy, but I want to dig it up for fresh grass.

Answer #2

If you water it when the sun is out, that will (kinda) burn the plants. Depending on the weather where you live.

Answer #3

Yeah i’ve always know the plants can burn, thats why i’ve always watered them at sun down.

Answer #4

Do it before the sun is fully out and before the sun sets or when it’s completely dark.

Answer #5

We usually water our garden at night, just after the sun has gone down. Our plans have always been quite good, too. I think that our watering time is more due to the fact that we don’t have the time to water in the morning, though, rather then because of it being ‘good’.

I’ve heard mixed opinions on when it’s best to water the plants, but we’ve done the night thing for probably 15 or so years now and have never had an issue. So that’s the method I’d stick to personally.

Answer #6

Usually our sprinklers go on just before the sun rises and then just after the sun set. We have a big garden. We do it like this because it gets too hot in the day and it would be pointless to water it in the middle of the heat.

Answer #7

I would think the beginning of the day would be best. In the night time, the night air is cool and damp thus providing moist dew for the plants. In the day time thre is sun and warm winds dehydrating the plants. I’d say a good time to water is 10 or 11 am, just as the sun is getting hot. It’s when the plants will need it most.

Answer #8

my grandmother usually does it at about 9am

Answer #9

I think the best time is to water the garden is in dawn or in the morning…when the sun is not out…

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