should i pass my pre-employment drug screen?...heres 5'1" and weight 95 pounds havent smoked in 26 days and smoked about everyday for two

months. I can eat whatever I want and dont gain weight. I didnt smoke at all before that, had some serious depression and coped with it that way, please dont judge just want some advice. I took a couple at home tests and they had very faint lines. Never done any other drugs.

Answer #1

Smoked what? Tobacco? Weed? If it’s just tobacco then I believe it’d be out of your system by 26 days, and smoking tobacco doesn’t put you at a disadvantage in a drug test anyway.. If it’s weed then I think it’s 30-45 days to remove the thc from your body.. If it’s something else then I don’t know. I could be wrong. Good luck

Answer #2

if it was weed you where smoking, you have no worries- THC will leave the body of the chronic user after 2 weeks (in rare cases it can be longer) dont beleive these upstarts who say “thc stays in your system for a year” it dosnt… only 2 weeks.

Answer #3

ive read many places that it can stay up to 45 days and depends on body fat and metabolism.

Answer #4

it can… a girl i know tested positive almost 2 months later (of course she was anorexic, so that was a rather unique situation). Here’s the thing. If you have the money to take a test, go get yourself tested… See what they come up with.

Answer #5

yeah, actualy, if you got nuffcash, just test ur self.

Answer #6

^which “upstarts” are saying it stays for a year? and check your information before you post - in most cases it stays for a lot longer than two weeks.

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