How do I pass military drug test in 5 days?

I stoped smoking a day ago and I am a frequent smoker I use gravity bongs to smoke and smoke at least twice a day been doing this for id say a year. One good thing is I have no fat I weigh 115pds and have a fast metabolism so do you think if I drink 2 gallons of water a day & work out and take 4 aspirins before my urine test I’ll be fine? if not is there a way I know there is =/ thanks

Answer #1

im sorry but the people who answered this question are stupid… yes you can drink water you dumbass I did pass it by just drinking 2 gallons of water a day everything if flushed through your liver you retard so by drinking water it obviously flushing your system out thats common fucking sense your stupid hahaha I passed you people are stupid!!!

Answer #2

Drinking water is not going to do anything to get THC out of your system. The chemical is stored in your fat cells, not hanging out in your bladder. And yes, you do have fat even though you are slender. For a regular user, it’s going to be present and detectable up to 90 days after you stopped smoking. And not only will the aspiring do nothing to clean your system, it will be an enormous red flag that you were trying to cheat the test.

Answer #3

thats obvious haha but its all ready done so now I need a way to get clean

Answer #4

By not doing drugs.

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