Passing a drug screen?

I bought a 7 day detox kit and have been drinking lots of water. I have now added cranberry pills to the mix. I’ve been on the detox for 5 days and have not smoked for over a week, but when I took an at home drug test it came back positive. I understand that I have only taken 5 of the 7 days of the detox. Anyone have any other suggestions? I don’t need to hear ‘don’t do drugs’ and all the other negative comments that some may have. I know that I have made a mistake and I have learned my lesson. Any negative comments will be of no help considering the fact that I’m not doing it anymore.

Answer #1

The only thing that helps pass a drug screen is time…the time when you last used to the time of the screening. Go ahead…everybody needs to flop out $54 at least one time, to find out that there’s nothing on the market that will help. It’s like trying to pass a breathalizer by drinking coffee..


Answer #2

just keep up what you are doing… drinks lots of water. if you dont do drugs it will wash out of your system. you just have to give it a little white

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