Taking a urine drug test in 2 days

I have to take a urinary drug test for a job on monday, and I did smoke a lot of pot the weekend before for the holidays, but I havent smoked in 5 days is there any way im going to pass this? I am drinking a lot of water and I bought sure gel, but I have heard that it wont work… I also have 2 Omni products, im not sure if they work either. Im also drinking pickle juice and taking vitamin b-12 although I have done more reading and it is b-2 that helps with this? Anyone have any advice, other than just dont smoke… or you got yourself into this… I already know that stuff! Also when you take the test, if it comes back positive for THC do you get in any kind of trouble? Sorry im kinda naive about this stuff!

Answer #1

One thing I do know, if you dilute your urine to much drinking water it can go against you also. When they see watered down urine they know what you are trying to hide. I know several people that didnt get hired for positions because of this.

Answer #2

I have read a rather involved method of fooling the test, but I don’t know where or if it works. A 5-day laps MIGHT help. I do know that you don’t try to sweat it out with dieting OR exercise because that will cause the THC to flood your bloodstream. (THC is fat soluble, so you do NOT want your body to metabolize fats and release the stored THC.)

Answer #3

If it comes back positive will you get in trouble since pot is illegal??? Or do you just not get the job and thats it?

Answer #4

Get someone elses piss

Answer #5

You just don’t get the job.

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