How do i tell my parents i got accepted for a 2 year term scholarship into an art high school?

i havent exactly told them i applied for one but im very talented at drawing and so does the insitution but my parentals
dont suport my abilities.

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Well I payed for my own school and at a certain age it does not matter, most parents just want the best for their children, but do not know the best path for them. I know growing up my parents always had great intentions, but at their are something that are outside of their knowledge. I would take notes and look at what they do, cause soon enough the shoe will be on the other foot.

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Well if your parents love you they will support your decsion with wat ever you do.

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they love me, they just think drawing has no part of my life in the future or sports.

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If you got accepted, then u would have written a letter or sent in a video or a presentation of some sort. This same presentation may be used to persuade them.

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well I guess I would just stand up to them and say if you really really want the best for me then you would let me go to the school of my choice.Also sooner or later they will find out sooo....

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