should i paint my room neon blue and bright cherry red or neon blue and bright purple?

Answer #1

Bright purple! I love purple!

That would look so amazing!

Answer #2

paint it something that wont give you a headache, just thinking of those colors hurts my head haha >.< how about doing a nuetral color then decorating with the neon blue or cherry red? so in 5 years if you dont like it, just change the decorations, you wont have to paint the whole room again.

Answer #3

lol…i dont get headaches from bright colours but my room is melted butter yellow right now and it gives me migranes :P

Answer #4

well thats quite difficult for me to choose..but i would go with neon blue and bright cherry red..because the combination is very good and the roon will not very dark ..

Answer #5

*or otherwise the room would look dark if its with purple.

Answer #6

thats what i was going to go with but i want to get some more opinions from other people :)

Answer #7

i like the red and blue together :)

Answer #8

well thats my opinion…if i were at your place,then definitely i would go with red because it will look more bright.

Answer #9

I like blue and purple together, but that is just me.

Answer #10

yea…i want my room to be bright because its really pale right now and the pale yellow gives me migranes and makes me feel depressed so i want to make it look nice and bright and energetic :P

Answer #11

Not sure if you like this or not, but I like sort of random colored rainbow rooms. For example, bright purple walls, with lime green door frames, window frames, and molding…lime green, hot pink, purple, blue, orange, fuzzy, fluffy pillows….you know? Just everything bright, neon, random, happy colors… :D

Answer #12

i like blue and the bright red because blue and purple is really common. plus blue and red are really good together.

Answer #13

blue and red most def.!!

Answer #14

yea…thats kind of how im doing my room but only two walls blue and two another colour and the framing on everything is going to be black and then i have lots of neon coloured bedding and stuff like that and we are going to spray paint a graffitti mural on one of the walls and im spray painting my bed a neon colour….just not sure which colour yet :p

Answer #15

with purple - they just look better together

Answer #16

Oooh, well that sounds great! I think graffitti murals are awesome!…I also love the black framing and stuff…black with a bunch of neon colors is beautiful!!! :D my room used to be purple, with big black polka dots…black silky curtains, black comforter, and pillow cases…purple fuzzy fluffy pillows…it was cute. I have always wanted a black, purple, hot pink, lime green, and bright blue room though…just never got it. I moved out for a short period, and when I came back…it was re-done in brown paneling and brown linoleum D: I can’t do anything with it’s brown and black =/

Answer #17

oh…that sucks :(

Answer #18

Purple!! :D

Answer #19

Yes it does. :(

Answer #20

lol…right now my room is melted butter yellow and its making me depressed so my moms letting me paint it :P

Answer #21

i agree w/ Angelee27

Answer #22

i agree w/ Angelee27

Answer #23

i agree w/ Angelee27

Answer #24

i agree w/ Angelee27

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